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Yup, the English Nazi is here...
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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
It may not really be a myth from my point of view, I mean a hard drive is mechanical, there are moving parts and it can be compare best to an engine of a car. What you're saying there "web creates and deletes thousands and millions of files" can be challenged by saying, at what rate does a browser actually create and delete those thousands and million files? I'll take GTAV as an example, way before we had to use rawdet and rawrest, and repacks needed close to 140GB some less just install the game. Now look at that figure, 140GB and how long did the installation take? Hmm, 4 hours at best and a day when installing on slower PCs, don't forget srep virtual temp which can be as big as 10GB. So 140GB or more IO from the repack itself + reflate temps, all that must happen in 4-24 hours, the temperature will obviously increase and stay as high as possible meanwhile things like oil also heat up and a couple
While it's true - it's a normal operation for HDD. The same would happen if you've decided to copy several terabytes from one partition of HDD to another. Or if you simply seed/leech many torrents at the same time. If a HDD fails in such situations - it's not repack's problem, but user's (if he didn't provide normal cooling) or HDD's (it was faulty from the beginning).

I have my HDDs with games for many years, I install each repack on them on daily basis, many times. Much more than any user will ever do. And they all are OK. Of course some day they will die, but that's the electronics - it can't work forever.

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Razor12911 (31-01-2017)
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HOW about DNA storage ?
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I appreciate all the answers of you guys. So, if i create the repack (in SSD) and install the repack (in SSD too), can be the solution to avoid the intense work of mechanical parts and the excessive temperature of my HDD ?

I not have an SSD, by the way
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Old 31-01-2017, 07:22
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Razor i think has hit the spot with most of the stuff he spoke about on HDD's.
Dont Seed torrents and repack to the same drive.Thats just to much work for a everyday consumer drive.Personally i would look at a Surveillance type of Drive that is somewhat made to handle the constant writing to it.Nas storages drives out of the question.

If you want to use normal type consumer drives invest a little extra into like Seagate Constellation Drives or Western Digital Black or Blue (RED is also a Option but if you cant find anything else).One should get more read and writes out of a good quality mechanical drive than a SSD.Western Digital Green drives and these ultra low power drives are not optimum either but great for storage.

If you can afford the SSD drives go ahead. Look at the Sandisk 480GB drives they are priced fairly decently on Amazon and Newegg.

If you want to go balls to the wall on speed and money is not a issue use SAS SSD drives in Hardware RAID 0 or the New Pci-E SSD drives like the Samsung 950 Pro's.

Just my 2 Cents.Speaking from personal experience as i have personally used every type of storage drives from Consumer grade to Business Solutions that has be available over the past 18 Years+-.
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rambohazard (31-01-2017)
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Learned a lot of things from this useful thread.
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rambohazard (25-03-2017)
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Based these useful information, I think it would be a suggestion the repack creators add "Pause" ability to their installation. It is good for too slow installations.
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