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Old 25-06-2001, 15:04
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Daemon Tools, for what?

I am using the newer version of the Tools and I would like to know
I have a copied game which was not made with clone cd or other similar
program, basically it is not perfecly a 1:1 copy.
This game was protected by Securom and actually the copied version is not
working (it keeps on asking me to insert the cd to play but, of course, it
is already in the tray); I can see that in the windows/system folder some
dll's are created every time the game asks me to insert the cd even if I
delete them.
I have installed the tools for the first time and enabled the securom
simulation, I have runned the game from this "non good" copy and Is is now
perfectly working.
My question is: Is this the job of Daemon Tools? I have read the guide from
the website and I uderstood the simulation process does something different,
like creating good copy even if I don't have the right hardware. I realized
this because It is written many times that I need a perfect 1:1 copy.
So I would like to know if my future copy from the non working copy will
working simply by running the Daemon Tools

thanks a lot
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Old 26-06-2001, 07:55
NeTsurFer NeTsurFer is offline
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Yes it's daemon's magic ... u don't need a perfect 1:1 copy but just "normal" 1:1 copy (sector copy) without subchannels or errors.
Everybody be cool this is a robbery ... ! Face the daemon at www.daemon-tools.com
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