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Old 06-08-2010, 15:55
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Star Wolves 3 v1.1 trainer request

Hello FileForums, i've lurked for about an hour now in hopes of finding where correctly to request trainers and hope for someone to help this poor soul so if i made a mistake i offer my deepest pardons and ask the mods to move this thread to the appropriate place.

Now, onto business,
might i ask for some experienced trainer makers to help this poor soul,
and make a trainer if not equivalent to what can be found by pizza for older games and BReWErS which is for 1.0 of this game, then at least one that gives unlimited missiles and specials for this game, that is it's 1.1 version please ?

So that would be just :
- toggle unlimited missiles
- toggle unlimited specials
for Space Wolves 3 v1.1

I tried doing it myself with Cheat Engine, but i don't have any idea how to make things that change addresses over time to work
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star wolves

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