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Vib Ribbon (PAL) on NTSC-U PSOne console?

So I got myself a copy of this game recently, and I can load it up on my PSOne with my gameshark disc. but on the LCD screen add on, it shakes up and down like crazy, and on an HDTV I tried with (samsung 1080p, 19″), it just shows black and white and dis positioned more at the bottom. Now this has something to do with the EUR 50hz signal I believe.

Also when I tried to play the “play with Vib Ribbon disc” mode, it doesn’t load up and kept asking “insert the vib ribbon disc” even though my copy is legitimate. I’m assuming thats an anti mod protection working in the system?

I know theres hardware modding but since I DO have my gameshark disc that let me boot region locked discs in general AND use homebrew apps like import light (which did not work for me at all), is there a way I can use my gameshark to get this issue fixed?
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