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Old 13-10-2004, 18:56
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newbie - frustrated - James Bond Backup fix

Newbie ....frustrated ...goes without say doesn't it. I have searched, and searched and ...well you get the picture. Im prolly looking in all the wrong places (story of my life).

I CANNOT seem to find the fix/patch XXXXXXXXX. I have found other patches for other games, nude patches for volleyball ....and all kinds of neat stuff - I love it ...i cant beleive it took me this long to mod my box.

So here is what happens...I have backed up XXXXXXXX using a new version of DVD2XBOX and no joy. I tried it several times - still no joy. I believe I need a patch, but am starting to wonder due to the elusivness of this patch on the www.

Anyways ...if anyone feels generous enough to help a frustrated newbie ...I would be grateful. BTW -- I am using a "softmodded" box (no chip) and Avalaunch (all updated). I have read several times in different forums that soft mods are troublesome and glitchy. I gotta tell you, I have had absolutley NO problems with glitchiness, freezes or anything. Maybe my luck will run dry soon though after bragging on here ...hope not.

Last edited by opi_addict; 14-10-2004 at 13:45. Reason: Apparently I cant request THAT patch?? or ANY patches?? Plz enlighten my newbie ass
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Old 14-10-2004, 01:20
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if i can recall
u cant ask for that patch
so take that out
or i will
and the big fault of the softmod
is when u take it out and do it somewhere
the whole reset time thing
so far ive moddded xboxes with:
2 Matrixes
3 Xbits

My xbox!:
-250 gig
-4981.06 x2
-orange led for light, matching beautifully with the orange x in the splash screen
-Component cable

my problem...solved?!:
-one of my friends says he can get about 450 files off it!... and now i havent seen him for about 4 months..and ive written him like 11 emails.. WHERE THE HELL IS HE?! :mad:
[B]OWNED! <3 TylerDurden![/B]
Old 14-10-2004, 13:49
opi_addict opi_addict is offline
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opi_addict is on a distinguished road
Ok...im a dumb ass..I think?

Help me out here ....can I not ask for patches in general? or specific ones?? If specific ones...why not? Im confussed again ...

I hate this ... I feel like a athlete confined to a wheel chair. Not really clear on the rules and limitations just yet.
Old 14-10-2004, 14:06
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LOL 13862 is a knob
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Old 15-10-2004, 08:01
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well for one, there are no ppf or ips patches. They are "fixed" game files. Asking and downloading game files is not exactly legal. That is why you cannot ask for that specific game fix. If they were seperate patches, then maybe..

I am not sure if there are any morereasons, but that is the only one I see.
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