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Old 23-04-2001, 21:00
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I need someones help badly on Installing Black and White

Im wondering if someone could help me. Ive got Black and white and i have downloaded all the english version pacthes etc, and installed them correctly. I then burned a cd. When i put in the burned cd to install Black and white for the first time it goes to install and he bar moves all the way to the right then it dissapears, nothing happends after this so i cant instal it. I have also tried the setup.exe on the cd, but this does the same. can you help me on how to install it? also if i click on runblack which i downloaded it says missing IFC22.DLL. could you copy that file from yours and send it to me in a email if possible. Please can you help me? can you reply to pdex2000**********com
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