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Old 16-12-2002, 10:41
lizardking lizardking is offline
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playing mpeg2 on ps2

is it possible to burn a movie encoded with mpeg2, put it onto a disc and then play it on a playstation 2? If so does it have to go onto dvdr media or just normal cdr's? Any help greatly appreciated
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Old 16-12-2002, 16:13
lollyruk lollyruk is offline
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i havent had much luck in this department i tried many mpeg2 (which i turned in vcd) and they didnt work tried all different ways but they never worked. I was told for somebody once you can play vcds but you have to get a plug in for them to work but wether thats true i dont know i searched for it but never found it.

if you go here and type in playstation 2 maybe some of the people who have left messages might help and you can also see the compatability for ps2.


good luck
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