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Old 21-02-2002, 09:28
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Question Dreamcast Divx Player

I have the Divx Player on disk, but I'm not sure how to burn the movies. Do you put the movies on the same CD as the player or do you put the movie on another CD and use the player as a boot disk? Which program is best to burn movies for the Divx player?
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Old 24-02-2002, 12:45
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first your gonna have to encode the movies,you can burn the movie using any burning proggie just burn it as data.
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Old 09-06-2002, 18:45
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Thumbs up Heres how to use DCdIvX

Go Here To Read and download the files you need to do this

ok but i must warn you, might be nothing but after i played a couple movies which i do perfer whatching on the pc for better quality, My DC crashed and the electrical boards scerwd up, might be from the memory jam up, but might just be old, so be carefull.
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