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Old 12-11-2001, 01:47
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VCD player from XingHong sux ass

Ok I made a VCD using Nero 5.5. It is a standard compliant NTSC vcd. I know they work fine on my bro's DVD player and it sure plays really nice on my DVD-ROM. Just like the original MPEG.

However I loaded the VCD player from XingHong on my DC and it asked me for the VCD CD. I put it in and the movie started playing but damn I thought the quality would be better since is on TV. It actually looks better on the monitor and movies I know they look way better on the TV with TV-out. Well low resolutions movies do.

Also the sound was not in sync with the movie. well was like half a second off but I could notice it. Besides the picture being crapy and sound being off it played like it was missing frames. It plays really smooth on my computer however.

soooo disapointed!. Has anyone else experience this problems with this player? If you managed to get it working perfect how did you burn your VCDs from cue/bin?

How does the free VCD player work? I think is called Giplay or something like that?

How is video quality? does it play nice and smooth like it's supposed to?

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