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Old 20-07-2002, 09:28
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Disc Juggler, WinXP, DC games... and backup games being read as CD-DA CDs

OK, here is the deal... when on Win98SE/ME I never had a problem getting DiscJuggler(DJ) to read already made DC backups as actual games (not CD-DA discs), and if DJ ever read it as a CD-DA disc I would just try the next version of DJ and it would copy over as a game. (this wasn't trial and error. DJ would tell you what it sees the CD and/or image as before you burned)

But now on WinXP I can't get some (not all) backup DC CDs (not images)to load correctly on DJ. Take Garou: Mark of the Wolves(Japanese release), it shows up as a CD-DA disc on DiscJuggler(v2.00.419 v3.50.800 v4.01.986 are the versions I tried).

I have read other responses on the forum that seems to deal with the same problem I am having and I have tried doing what they say (changing to Mode1... forcing a data CD... adding gap to 3rd party images... etc...) and nothing has worked. But wouldn't all of those things only be used if you are burning a new CD or from an image? I am thinking the reason why DJ is reading the CDs as CD-DA discs is because that is how my CD-RW and DVD-ROM is seeing them as.. so maybe I need a new driver or ASPI? I read on the board somewhere about some Jinkster(I think that is spelled wrong) driver that helped people, but it didn't help me.

I really think it has something to do with WinXP's ASPI drivers... and before someone tells me to update the ASPI drivers... done it already. And it still doesn't work.

If you can help me in any way please repond. I hope I made it clear enough
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