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Old 18-02-2001, 20:28
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What software is needed to make a psx game

I would really like to try my hand at making a playstation game from scratch. And have been trying to for the ntsc with a hex editor and a program that was suppose to be a game that was home made for the psx but havent figured it all out yet anyones imput would be greatly appreciated
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Old 19-02-2001, 20:30
zuker zuker is offline
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I use cdrwin 3.8D and have had very good success making backup copies. You can get it from goldenhawk.com (I think)....

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Old 20-02-2001, 02:39
aliensoul69 aliensoul69 is offline
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dude i use clonecd and or diskjuggler and have yet to fail...always remember to read at a slow speed and write at a slow speed or the result may be a bunch or coasters....and of course you may need patches for certain games but also i have an external game enhancer **gamewizard 2 ** and it bypasses the ps logo all together i put an original ps game in i turn my ps on a screen pops up almost like the gameshark screen the disk will spin for like 3 seconds and then will stop i then put my back up or import in and voila it starts up like any other game... it even has options to watch the movies on game without playing game.....*****hats of to GAMEWIZARDS***** the best part is i dont have to worry about patches... the gamewizard 2 will let you play strieght copies of games....best part you dont have to open up ps to install just plug in the back where a gameshark would go and if you have a model that dont have a plug area you can get a kit to bypass the problem.....peace out dude and happy burning...
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Old 20-02-2001, 17:02
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OK, the other guys need to ACTUALLY READ A POST before submitting an answer!!!
What you want to know is how to program a Playstation game of your own from scratch right??
Well I don't know if any programs are available, but a while back Sony released a BLACK Playstation call a NET YAROZE for home programmers to write their own games ... maybe for publication. These were programmed in C++ as far as I can remember & came with some discs with libraries containing routines for standard functions (Joypad control et.c.) which could be edited to your own parameters.
This was all backed up by a website:
www.scea.sony.com/net/index.html US site
www.scee.sony.co.uk/yarinfo/index.html UK Site
www.scei.co.jp/net/ Jap Site
www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/2200/ Webzine
http://dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/Video_Games/Systems/PlayStation/Net_Yaroze/ Yahoo page with some info
This was quite a while ago though & since then Sony stopped making the Yaroze.

I know this may not help you much, but if other people READ this reply & understand what you want, then maybe they can give you the info you need.

Let me know how you get on...

Good Luck!
Lee Sim.
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