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Old 03-01-2002, 12:54
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[Check this cool game ripping tool!!!]

Hi guys!
Just though I'd share this with you...

I found a pretty nice tool named DragonUNPACKer - ####://drgsoft.********/dup4.php3 - that is able to do lots of ripping operations, like extract/move/delete/add files from/to those big "archived" game files...
It's called Dragon*UNPACK*er, but it also works as a Dragon*PACK*er for some games...
It's really useful!

Ever wanted a music or background texture that you saw in a game for yourself?
Now you can get it! ;D
Ever wanted to put your own home-made images/textures/bitmaps/musics/sounds in your favorite game to show your friends?
With this tool you can do that and much more... ;D

It already has support for LOTS of recent games, but if you have a game that's not supported, you can still try to rip stuff from it using the Hyper-Ripper option on the program...
More info at: ####://drgsoft.********/dup4.php3

But the author of this cool game ripping tool is currently developing a "scripting language" that will allow any person to create it's own game support... ^.^
This way, anyone can write an add-on to support whatever specific game he wants!
And this is pretty useful for new games too, because we won't have to wait for the author of the tool to add support for that game...
All we have to do is to write the "add-on" for ourselves... ;D
So, if you're interested on knowing more about this scripting language, you can check the site's forum at: ####://pub78.ezboard.com/bdragonsoftware

And when that "scripting language" is ready and with the right knowledge (e.g.: cracking the CD checks!) we can even create our home-made ripped games and release our own RIPZ and ADDONZ!!!

Does anyone want to help the author improve his awsome tool?
He's looking for beta testers!!!
And I think we should all support him...
So, if you want to contribute and help him with the testing read these messages at the forum:
* ####://pub78.ezboard.com/fdragonsoftwarefrm4
* ####://pub78.ezboard.com/fdragonsoftwarefrm3

And the new "DragonUnPACKer 5 Alpha" is already on test stages: the new v5.0.0 Alpha 8 is already avaliable!
Go check it out now!

You can download it and read the latest features and improvements on this version here:

But this new version is still in early development... :/
So, if it doesn't work well for you, try the older version v4.22.87 instead!
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Old 04-01-2002, 02:27
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Old 04-01-2002, 05:22
XICO2KX XICO2KX is offline
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Humm... Let me see...
How many forums?
About three or so! =P

I'm in no way related to it, but I think it's a really great tool, and so I decided to share this with you, because I bet there are a lot more people out there that will love having this tool too! ^_^
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