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Tablet Pc Experience Pack - Unlock TuT

If you are involved in download any pirated software, games,
music, videos, or any other illegal media; you may not use any
of my methods. I have no intention of helping people involved
in these particular activities benefit from the information that I
provide. Thank you for your understanding. To all those not
involved in the a fore mentioned activities please continue reading
and use any information I provide freely.

Okay so awhile ago the college I went to switched from
Win XP Tablet Pc edition to Windows Vista. Neither my
girlfriend nor I could use the Tablet Pc Experience Pack
on them anymore due to compatibility issues.

Okay lets get down and dirty.

Files/Utils Needed:
ORCA - (msi editor)
Tablet Pc Experience Pack

1. Install ORCA and WinRAR (if you have not)
2. Open InstallExperiencePack.exe With winrar
3. Extract Launcher.msi
4. Open Lancher.msi using ORCA
5. Look thru all the tables and delete all vales with
IsTabletSP2 and IsTabletPC (should be 7) *SAVE*
6. Install the experience pack from Launcher.msi
7. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Experience Pack\Data
8. Using ORCA edit each file removing each instance of
9. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Experience Pack
10. Run ExpPack.exe and Install any desired program.

I hope you enjoy!

This method was tested and successful on:
(PC)Windows Vista Ultimate <-- Heavy Registry Mod
(TabletPC) Windows Vista Ultimate <-- No Modification

Share this TUT anywhere you like but pls give me credit ^.^

Share, Enjoy, and I'll keep it up ^.^
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