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Old 01-10-2002, 14:57
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Sims Unleashed Backup Problems SOLVED!

I wrote most of this in the Copy Protection forum b/c it seemed that the new SD2.8 in Sims Unleashed had defeated my LiteOn but since this IS the Backup Forum and others are having problems here is what worked for me!

CloneCD, Blindwrite and DiscJuggler 3.5 failed to produce a successful backup that would play in CDROM's or DVDROM's, I don't run things off of CDRW's or mount them with Daemon, and I also avoid using the HideCDR media from CloneCD so what I always try to create is a TRUE backup.


That's the link to the thread and if you are too lazy I'll quote the success.....

"Philamber by following your directions, using DiscDump and it's FrontEnd I read Sims Unleashed with the LiteOn Writer (setting a max speed of 8x read) also selecting the SafeDisc option in the frontend and burned it at 8x aswell using Nero I clicked on the File menu, then selecting Burn Image and selecting the Cue Sheet generated by Disc Dump, then selecting DAO/96.

So where 2 Pay Programs failed, a FREE program succeeded. VERY impressive I must say.....I hope Disc Dump gets revised if and when it needs to.

Also BlindWrite didn't create totally create a coaster, it just didn't create a correct backup just like CloneCD, the files are there and the backup will install....it just won't RUN off the backup, which is what should happen. "

Also this thread on CDFreaks contains more info on using Disc Dump and other programs to read and write your image

[size=1]Intel PIII 733 512 MB RDRAM (PC 800)
Windows XP Professional SP1 (All WindowsUpdates current as of October 18, 2003)
80 GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X Ultra ATA/133 7200 RPM
NEC DV-5700A 12x/40x DVD ROM 1.06 Firmware
Lite-On LTR-40125S 40x/12x/48x CDRW ZS0P Firmware (Stock, not O/C)
nVidia GeForce2 DDR 45.33 Detonator XP Drivers
Intel Application Accelerator
DDump v1.10 - D(isc)Dump w/ Disc Dump Frontend v1.41
BlindRead and BlindWrite
Ahead Nero Burning ROM
Alcohol 120%
CD Mate
FireBurner 2.2.1
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