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Old 28-07-2002, 11:58
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backup psOne and ps2 cd play not backup ps2?

I have tried Nero, PrimoDVD 2.0 and burner is a pioneer dvd-104 using verbatim dvd-r followed the instrustions at psxcopyworld.co.uk.

Nero half way thought reading the original disc stops and says burn process failed (attached is text log).

PrimoDVD will copy the disc.

Ps2 is a version v4 using plug-play mod. Using ar2 v2.20 booting from instructions at modechip.com.

At main menu I replace ar2 for original ps2 disk. press start. wait about 30 seconds. select start game with no cheets.
then at the next screen when it says "start game with no codes.
insert disc and press X to start or O to go back.

I hold down the eject button till the tray pops out very fast.
THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY THE POWER LIGHT WILL FLASH ORANGE MY DOSE NOT FLASH. i insert the backup disc, the tray closes and power light changes to green. Then I press x and nothing happens it freezes the screen.

I have also tried the DAVE MIRRA to many codes. I never get back to the code option screen.

the chip and ar2 came with a insert that said if you had problems with booting to hold the L+1 and L+2 and then press X. That too freezes.

I was able to get the backup psOne games and ps2 cd to work but not backup ps2

any suggestions???


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Old 11-08-2002, 14:32
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I'm unfamilar with the Action Replay but rather have a Gameshark. Anyways, are you using the PS2 disk to boot your PsOne games? If AR2 came with two different disks, like the GS2 does, try using the disk that is marked "for PsOne/PlayStation games"

Make sure when you're booting up AR2, the original PsOne screen comes up instead of the PS2 screen.
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Old 11-08-2002, 15:24
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The Action Reply is the PAL version of the Gameshark.

You may need to know that the Pioneer AO4/AO3 does not copy any playstation games too well. Because it cannot write in RAW mode. Try using another burner that will.

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Old 11-08-2002, 16:07
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Try to use Clone cd v4 or higher with fully supported cd burner
As Tyler say Pioneer AO4/AO3 r not suitable for copy ps2 cd format.U can find out your supported writer in here
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