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Old 19-02-2001, 08:54
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audio and data tracks

I can't seem to make a backup of a game cd-rom. I'm using Easy CD Creator which came with my Acer 4x4x6 cd-rw. It copies data cd's and audio cd's fine, but I'm at a lost with cd-roms that have both data and audio tracks. I get a whole host of error messages trying to do a 1:1 copy. I tried copying the data first then the audio tracks in separate sessions, but that didn't work out well. The game recognises the data bits (it's disk 2 of a game), but there is no music. Should I switch to a new program, use a new brand of cd's, change cd-writers, what? Totally at a loss! I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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Old 19-02-2001, 14:23
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Forget using Adaptec software, to copy games. I tried it myself, with no success at all. The messages I received on the net all told me to avoid Adaptec stuff, so I looked elsewhere and had great success.

Use Nero (v4.0.5.0 onwards) - it's powerful yet easy to use,a nd has plenty in the way of help as regards Playstation stuff!

If you do install Nero, it's best to un-install Adaptec, as some versions conflict with other copying software and can cause problems.

In Nero and other copying programs it's best to make an image of the game you are copying first, on your hard-drive. In this way if there are any errors on the original they will only mess up the image file and not you brand new blank CD.

Also poular is CloneCD and DiscJuggler, but these require more specific writer support to make the best of them.

Check out the web sites for Nero and the others - there's plenty of info about which writers work best.

Happ trails :-)
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