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Need help: Resident Evil 3 patching

Trying to patch resident evil 3 to play on a US- NTSC playstation 1 console. The country code for this game is Europe. This game has two issues for me. First it has the anti-mod protection. Second it is PAL and I need it to play on a NTSC console. When I just only patch it with zapper2000 to convert it from PAL to NTSC, it works and my screen is not shaking like it normally would if I play a PAL game on a NTSC console. Okay so the next logical step is to patch it to get rid of the anti-mod protection. But this is where my problem arises. When I apply both patches, the anti-mod and the PAL to NTSC patches, it gets rid of the anti-mod protection, but the PAL to NTSC conversion gets screwed up and I end having a shaky display on my TV as if it never converted from PAL to NTSC. There must be some conflict when applying more than one patch on a game. Is there any way around this? I wouldn't have to do this if I can find a US-NTSC version of resident evil 3 because this version doesn't have the antimod protection and also it is already NTSC and I can play it on my NTSC console. But checking all rom sites, the only one available is the Europe version of the game. If anyone figured out the way to get this game to play on a US-NTSC console with antimod bypassed let me know. I don't have the stealth mod chip, so patching is my only way to deal with this. THanks.

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