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Old 21-07-2008, 13:42
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How to play PSX games on a PS2?

So I just spent another 50 bucks on another copy of Grandia. I really would like to make a backup of it.

A few things:
  • I no longer have a PS1 console. I have a slimline PS2- will it play PS1 backups?

  • What type of cd do I need? I know it's supposed to be cd-r, not cd-rw, right? But does the brand or anything matter? Also, I know this sounds stupid but will it work on the ones that say "Audio CD", like the ones with 80 minutes? Or do I need some sort of cd that only holds data?

  • I haven't found a current guide. I've seen old ones from like 2000-2004 for CloneCD but I really don't wanna buy it. So if anyone knows of a great, free program (or one with a free trial) and a more recent guide on how to make a backup with it, that'd be great.

  • Is there a way to be sure that a game you just bought definitely works all the way through, with no skips? I hate buying a copy only to find out it freezes at one part continuously. Does it even work if part of it doesn't play?
If you know of how to do this just point me in the right direction please! Thanks

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Old 21-07-2008, 19:58
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1. PS2's check the outer ring of PSX discs for authentication so no it wont play backups. Unless your PS2 is chipped.

2. If chipped, CD-r is fine (80 mins of course)

3. There is a utility that makes iso files which are compatible with some PPF patches. Forgot what it was called, but megagames will probably have it.

4. Im sure it will work, unless the disc is heavily scratched etc.
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Old 22-07-2008, 04:06
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(Meaningless thread title, edited.)
Joe Forster/STA
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Old 22-10-2008, 12:44
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1. You can with a BreakerPro boot disc.

Thats what i use on my non chipped slim ps2.
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Old 23-10-2008, 10:27
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I'd recommend trying to borrow a breaker pro cd before buying one, because for me i can't get it to work.
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Old 11-06-2010, 17:51
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Issues with a modded slim PS2

I have a modded PS2 slim. I have burned copies of several games. The PS2 games seem to work just fine, but my PSX games won't load. The system just clicks alot. Okay, I was wrong. Three of the games don't make the system click. But they only load to the PlayStation screen and then go to blackness and don't go any further than that. How do I get my PSX games to work on it?
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Old 12-11-2010, 09:49
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KaileenaKing: ok, now that depend of the modchip you are using.

with some modchip (like super7) you can't just put music or psx cd in and play right away, you have to go trough certains steps to make them work. For the super 7 for example (copyied from super7 website):

1. Press Reset button, then open cover and insert PS1 CD disc or audio CD.
2. Close cover and press Reset button twice to play game or listen music.

If you have something else, just search it on the web.
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