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Old 12-06-2018, 03:26
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ultraarc editing help?

hi all, simorq if you are reading this, can you tell me how to add extra checkboxes to ultraarc with reshack so i can add new compressor options to it? kaktor told me i should ask you about it as you have done it before. let me know what i need to do.

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Old 13-06-2018, 19:03
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important points
Always be the first BPK then other methods

bpk+xprecomp+srep+lzma True
xprecomp+bpk+srep+lzma False

[External compressor:bpk]
header = 0
;packcmd = _CLS\FAZip -i0 compress:bpk_c InFile - <stdout>
;packcmd = _CLS\FAZip -i0 compress:bpk_c <stdin> <stdout>
packcmd = _CLS\FAZip -i0 compress:bpk_c <stdin> - OutFile
unpackcmd = _CLS\FAZip -i0 decompress:bpk <stdin> <stdout>
datafile = InFile
packedfile = OutFile

You can use the <stdin> <stdout> mode in Srep without problems.

[External compressor:srep]
header = 0
default = -m3f -a0/0
packcmd = _CLS\SuperREP -a0/0 -s125gb {options} - - <stdin> <stdout>
;packcmd = _CLS\SuperREP {options} Input - <stdout>
;packcmd = _CLS\SuperREP {options} Input Output
unpackcmd = _CLS\FAZip -i0 decompress:srep <stdin> <stdout>
datafile = Input
packedfile = Output

Using MSC with pZlib and Lolz methods may cause a negative Ratio.
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Old 15-06-2018, 05:56
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Simorq, why fazip with bpk?
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