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What is the best all around DVD/CD Writer?

Iíve purchased a couple DVD/CD writers and while some have performed adequate in one aspect theyíve generally been poor in the other. Iíve tried all brands of media in both and while some are noticeably better than others (usually durability) thatís not the problem. What I want is a writer that can back up my DVD movie collection, that responds well to Shrink & Decrypter & if possible Nero (I have Nero 7). You know one that doesnít cause the burnt DVD to freeze, skip, have the picture break up and stuff like that in most stand-alone players. Dual layer might eventually be neat, but not necessary in this scenario. I want a CD writer in it that gives crisp & clear reproduction and can be played in almost any player. You guys are the technicians & geniuses, not me. I donít know about the importance of speeds (reading or writing), just that you all mention them when discussing writers & players. Like I said Iím a techno dummy, but I love my movies & I love my music, & if among you all, you can come up with some hardware that can do these things for me, Iíll love you too. If you need to suggest media, or explain the speed thing in regards to the units you mention, Iím all ears. I mean I am definitely the ďOld DogĒ but Iím eager & willing to learn any tricks/info you would like to lay on me.
Címon smart people thereís a lot of dummies like me that are reading this post.
Thanks for putting up with me
Uncle Bob
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