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concerning previous posts & Dual DVD Burners

In my previous posts I have discussed my frustration at the way the write protected DVDís that Iíve tried to back up have turned out (Back ups of kids flicks Iíve bought for my Granddaughter in case hers get dinged up). Iíve asked about the best software to shrink and copy, the best way to do it and the best stand-alone player to play burnt DVD-Rís. The burner I have and have been using is a Lite-on 411S. Youíve suggested different media (Iíve tried it), ways to burn (Iíve tried them) and Iíve told you that Iíve tried to play them in 3 different makes of Stand alone players. I finally decided on a Panasonic DVD-S29, this seemed to work the best but I still had problems. My son has a Lite-On SOHW-1693S that he has burned some DVD-Rís on and they played fine on my player. Here are my questions. Logic tells me to get this burner and install it in my computer, but I still wanna know what you-all think. Do any of you have a burner that you think is better? Do any of you have a burner that also has the same player as me and has been really happy with your results? And the last question is what about dual layers? Is that a better way to go? Can I still use Regular DVDís and burn them with these dual layer burners or do they have to be used strictly for dual layer DVDís? If you think the dual layer thing is the way to go, do any of you have a dual layer burner that youíve used and then played the burnt disks on the player that Iíve got (Panasonic DVD-S29)? Sorry this whole thing is so long, but Iím gonna use your help in making my decision, then you wonít hear as much from me.
Thanks You-All & God Bless
Uncle Bob
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Have a read through the tutorial I have posted here.
I cant comment on wether Lite-Ons etc are better burners or not but I can tell you the method I use to backup DVD movies works 100%.
It may look a bit daunting at first but it really is not hard once you have done a couple.
Give it a try before you go and spend more money on other burners and players!
The programs I use are AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 and Nero.
Trial versions are available for each program. Click on the name of the program to be taken to the download page. (AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are available from the same site.)

Good luck
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