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Old 17-01-2006, 00:13
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Iíd like to back up some DVDís, and Iím at the end of my rope.

No matter what I do I keep getting the same results. Iíve used different media, burnt at different speeds and upgraded my Player to one that Iíve been told will virtually play anything, always with similar results. Below is a previous post that I made explaining some of what Iíve been through. What I want to ask you is could it be the way Iím burning/ripping (Iím sorry youíll have to explain everything to me in detail cause I ainít to smart, I donít even know the difference between the two). Hereís what I use and what I do and then like I said, my previous post will follow. I take the movie I want to back up and use DVD Shrink to Re-Author (I only care about the movie, unless you can tell me how to get more on one disk that is of good quality), then analyze it and put it in a folder on my Hard drive as an ISO file. Then I use DVD Decrypter to go their and burn it on a DVD (Iíve tried Verbaitmís, TDKís & Sonyís). The results are pretty much stated on this post below. Please tell me step by step the best way to back up a DVD and the software youíve had the most success with. I am thinking that the problem lies in my burner, but still please tell me. Iím sorry this whole thing is so long, forgive me, but help me if you can.

Previous Post:
Iíve checked out a bunch of players that will play my Burnt DVD-Rís. My original (a samsung) just didnít work properly because of my media or my burner (a LiteOn-LDW-411S). I tried a few out a C. City and this seemed to be the best at playing them. Took it home and am still having some problems (digital bleeps throughout the disk and on longer flicks a lot around the last 10 min.) Iím beginning to think itís my burner. I use Verbatims and by some of the posts Iíve read they seem to work great in this player. Iíve upgraded the firmware on my drive, but that hasnít helped. So what Iím asking is this. I would like to have anyone who has had good results with this media and this player, to please tell me what burner they used and what they used to shrink it (the DVD), write it, and the speeds or any other vital information they can give me so I can duplicate it and live a more stress free life.
Thanks Yíall
Uncle Bob
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Old 17-01-2006, 06:35
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First of all, use good media....check if your standalone plays -r +r. Check your burnt discs with kprobe or nero. Try different software (e.g. CloneDVD AND AnyDVD), be sure all drivers are up to date............

Report back....(maybe it is simply a copy protection issue)
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You are already using the best media - Verbatim.
The only software you should need is CloneDVD and AnyDVD together.
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