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CD Manufacturers

I work for a company that is starting to create a lot of CDís for storing records. I read a bunch of the sections at this site regarding brands and manufacturers. Is there anyway to find out who manufactured the brand before buying? Most of our supplies have to come from Office Depot and they have no idea.
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Old 16-05-2001, 01:50
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There is no way of telling who made the CD before you drop it into the CD-R/RW drive of your computer. If the carton of CD's says "Made in Taiwan", then you've got buckley's of finding which company made the CD before you do the computer #####. If, however, the CD's are Made In Mexico or Ireland, then you can bet your life that they are made by Kodak. If they're made in Singapore, they're most probably Mitsubishis, although Taiwan and Japan also help out with Mitsubishis.

These are the companies I'd stay well clear from:


- Gigastorage Corp. - Made in Taiwan

- Postech Corp. - Made in Taiwan

- 97m 27s 00f [NoName]

- CMC Magnetics - Type 0* - Made in Taiwan

- AMS Technology, Inc. - Made in Taiwan

- Moser Baer India, Inc. - Made in India

- Multi Media Masters & Machinery SA - Made in Taiwan and India

- Ritek Co. [Type 0]** - Made in Taiwan


* CMC Magnetics Corp. Type 6 Phthalocyanine is on par with Ricoh. Type 0 Cyanine is the one to avoid.
** Ritek Co.'s Cyanine Type 0 is a disaster story. Type 1 Cyanine is neer Taiyo Yuden standard.


My personal CD-R Favourites:
- CMC Magnetics Corp. - Type 6 - Made in Taiwan

- Ricoh Company Ltd. - Types 5 & 6 - Made in USA, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan

- Ritek Co. - Types 1, 5 & 7 - Made in Taiwan

- Prodisc Technology Inc. - Made in Taiwan

- Kodak Japan Ltd. - Types 5 & 7 - Made in Mexico and Ireland

- Pioneer Video Corp. - Made in Japan and Taiwan

- TDK Corp. - Made in Japan and USA

- Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd. - Made in Japan

- Sony Corp. - Made in Taiwan

- Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc. - Made in Japan, USA, and Taiwan

- Mitsubishi Chemicals Inc. - Made in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore

- SKC Company Ltd. - Made in South Korea

- Seantram Technology Inc. - Made in Taiwan

- Princo Co. - Made in Taiwan


As you can see, I've got a great big list of CD-R's that have performed excellently for me, and have lasted the distance. The thing is though, everyone is different, and so trial-and-error is the best method to find the media you work best with.

Fire Burner
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What amazed me when I first got into copyin...I mean, backing up(!) discs, is that despite the bewildering array of disc brands, only a handful of manufacturers actually make the darn things - around 17. Hence, You buy two different discs and later find out they're both manufactured in the same factory! There's often varius reasons for this, mostly financial.

Here's a good link for some info on who makes what - along the lines of the info from Fire Burner (greatly appreciated I might add):


A cool program that can identify where your media came from and what it's made up of, is CD-R Identifier. However it may not work in some writers.

You put your blank in the recorder, run the program and hey presto some info's displayed about your blank (I think this info is referred to as the "ATIP" code that's placed in every blank ever produced).

Hope this helps. Bye :-)
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