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Old 27-12-2001, 21:52
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Having Problems Burning Numerous *Recent* Games....Help is Appreciated

Hello All, I hope you all had a very nice holiday, Wishing all of you a marvelous New Year Aswell....

Recently got a Stealth (or said to be) chip installed into my Playstation.... It was 7 wire, (pin 2 was not to be attached)... I have quite a few of Playstation Games Burned, mostly old ones.. All the Old Ones seem to work great, but when I try games like Final Fantasy Chronicles (Both Discs), & Xmen Mutant Academy 2, They will boot to the Black Playstation Screen, and Stall.... I checked megagames.com for patches for them, and noticed they did not have any patches. BTW, I used ClonyXL Final to identify the Protection, and it brang up the Libcrypt/PSX Protection, and gave me the CloneCD Settings for the games (I have checked the settings with numerous sites, and they seem to be the correct settings)..
BTW, All the old games that I burned, were not burned with CloneCD, while these new ones were, seeing as i noticed they had protection..

Now My Questions are

*Seeing as I have a Stealth Modchip (supposedly), shouldn't I be able to play these games?
*I know That my Modchip has multimode, seeing as If i hold the reset in for three seconds, it will load up asif no chip is installed; would that have any effect on this, and are there certain multimode *combos* that i need to use to be able to play these games?
*Is there some type of patch I am missing or something?
*Could me burning the games at 8x speed have an effect on the game not being able to play?
*On Protected games, Will the CD Stop once the protection has kicked in, or will it keep spinning?

Thanks alot,

Best Wishes

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