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Old 27-05-2006, 06:17
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WHat is the point??!!!

I put this out to all fellow game players of the world....
I have wasted tons of money on games that have no replayable value. Play through the game once and whats the point of it again...for most of them.

-A plot that ends or is the same every time one plays through it
- Serious game play issues... i dont mean hardware wise i mean in how the game is played.

and more...

Lets look at some games....

- Does lucas arts even have the people who make these games play them?? yea they may be great the first time around, but after that they get boring.....
empire at war....jeesh i expect something good...but to no surprise so many flaws its insane.. i know there are mods out there to correct it, but we shouldnt have to correct it if the game was made properly... Like only have a certain population limit for battles.... BULLSHIT. look at all the movies and im sure the big battles they had were WAY over the stupid foocking population limits of this supposed game.

Then only making it so you only get ships and units that are up until a new hope. FUCK makes me mad. Make a complete game with all ships from all movies are available. After playing through this game... and several other strategy games, it all comes down to the amount of money you have....its a money gathering game...not a strategy game. Gotta protect your mines and your money earners. Where do you see money coming up in the movies to deal with large scale battles......NEVER.

I feel like im constantly focusing on the money issues of all strategy games and not the actual stragey, if there really is any, of these types of games.

CIVilization 4
Expecting a great game after civ3, which i was blind to before, i was dissapointed once again. What it takes 100s of years to build a small army that gets killed instantly and takes another 100 years to build another one. AND nukes......jeesh what a big let down. As far as im concerned nukes dont leave anything standing or alive in the blast radius... so a city should not be left standing.

How is it that i can have such a great lead in scientific advancement and then all of a sudden im left in the dust by civs who were not even in the same age as me.

Difficulty and ai
Im so sick of games have as a difficulty setting just giving bonuses to the computer. Civ4 is a great example of this. Can they not make an AI where the difficulty is based on HOW the computer plays and not the bonuses it gets. This encourages trying to beat those bonuses and not stratgey.

(ps sorry for the typos)

Yes i admit i have downloaded games in the past, and nowadays i cant see away around it... when there is SOOOOO much crap out there. Seems more and mroe i see more crap. Why waste money on a game i wont like or has no replayable value. I have around 100gigs of games installed on my computer and when i try to play them i lose interest. I have beat them once and they hold no interest for me.
Whats the point of wasting 60-80 bucks for a games that only has like 80hours of playability (interesting a dollar an hour) and then holds no more interest.

Do the designers of games even have one iaota of designing a game????
It is my conclusion that they do not care one iota about a game but about the MONEY they can get from selling it.

Yes here comes an if..... IF i could program games, and make the CGI for games.... i could create a Legendary game. Something that isnt linear. and a one time value.


Anothergreat example......

I saw X3 reunion in stores....read the box...looked great. Maybe even fun...for a while.
So i DL the game and found it had lame security shit with it... never got it running...
So i decided to risk buying the game...which i did. Im kinda regretting it.
There are so many little things in the game right at the start that make me NOT want to play it.
I wasted my money on another game that i just lost interest on.


I bet that if game companies would make a wrothwhile game... atruly worthwhile game, then there wouldnt be need for copy protection software. Because i believe if one actualy gets many many hours of game time out of a game....and it has a replayable value of 100%, people would buy it to show there support.

With so much crap out there and with money being a big issue in many peoples lives.....whats the point.....

Would you buy your own shit...knowing its brown and loggy or would you rather spend your money on solid gold crap. retorical question.

Im sure many of us gamers are 100 times smarter than anyone who actually designs games. We could make a game that would stand the test of time so to speak.

Im sure many of you know where im coming form, and im sure many of you are still glossed over by the latest fads.


i just thought of another HUGE beef i have with games nowadays too...
True most games are going the route of online gaming. Fine cool i suppose.
But i cant even begin the state the number of games that would make a great Multiplayer game (even if only with 2 people), but once again game compnaies dont take that little bit of axtra effort. To play a game with friends on a personal network/lan is fun. But most games i see now...especially the rpgs... tend to support more single player aspects than MP aspects.

Such as Jedi knight series. A 1st person shooter that would be great to do MP in story mode. WOW what a concept. Instead of just deathmatch after deathmatch after deathmatch.....

Let me bring another game to point that i still find fun every now and again....
yes there is at least one, although it could have been tuned up to.

Star wars rebellion....
This game sure didnt have alot of support when it came out. And i can see why. Was hard to learn at first and get things going. But wow...
You have all ships form the 1st 3 movies. characters from the movies and some books.
A huge galaxy to explore and conquer.
no money issues....but a sorta complexe idea of mining ore, refining ore for builindg shit.

2 player MP rebels vs empire..

i thought it was great and fun to play against another person.

many great memeories.


If lucas arts would combine rebellion, empire at war, battlefront 2 or jedi knight, and Tie fighter.... all aspects of the game in one game......wow.
A good possibility. Like in Battlefront 2 being able to once again fly a tie fighter or xwing was amazing. Another flight sim...but fun even though it was limited.


i think you all know what im getting at....
and i would like to here your feedback on this issue as well...


of course i am prediciting that i am going to get some negative feedback on my viewpoint, but whatever.....

Even though this is about games.... its the same issue with movies nowadays too....
There are few quality movies out there. Like the latest star wars movies im sure most of us could agree on could have been phenomanal, but lucas fucked it up BIG TIME..

thats my rant...
thanks for reading and listing...
i hope it opens eyes...


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Old 27-05-2006, 11:20
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errrr negative feedback?

Its quite a long post ill give you that, but did you want someone to ultimately say "yes your right for stealing games" or something?

Yes most games dont have that replay ability, but some do. But in the end thats not what your paying for, or in your case very much not paid for.

If you want a game thats fun and makes you go back to it, think of some MMORPG's like EVE online or World of Warcraft.

Now the reason why most warez users get bored with games quickly is this, a high percentage of them usually steal a game play it a bit find it too hard and leave it OR grab a trainer and finish the game quickly. Now to me thats stupid, they have the brass balls to steal something but then complain when they finish it quickly with a trainer, or complain when its too difficult because their skills are lacking because they dont have patience.

Anyways thats my view and 2 cents and the likes
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DABhand I don't really agree with that. Not that I have dealt so much with pirated games but I have friends who does nothing but download games all day. I have rarely seen anyone of them play with a trainer or cheated in a game. I can recall perhaps 2 times I have seen or heard that from any of them.

I also think quertas have some good points. Not to justify downloading games but how games are made today. Still its not the developers thats the problem. Its us. The potential buyers of the games. Because the gamemarket of today is so focused on very few genres and those are what gamers buy. Adventure games are almost dead, very few RPG's creates any money at all for devs. Its an evil circle. They produce more and more fps because they know we will buy it and they won't do any adventure games because they know a lot of people won't buy it.

Add the fact that a game take about 3-5 years to develop (some even longer) and thats for a regular fps game with an own engine. Add 1-2 years if the game is going to contain something. Just look at stalker. I see it as a good example of things. It promised totally living-by-itself-AI but it has been dumbed down a bit now to even get the game to stores anytime soon. Sure the devs aren't the best but its still a challenge for any dev to create a real working AI. Like Oblivion, it has its moments in terms of AI but mostly it does nothing but stupid things that changes nothing or gives anything except that NPC 1 talks to NPC 2 and says the same thing over and over again.

Then we have the people that are creating different games but are too overhyped for their own good. Like Peter Molyneux with Black&White. Neither B&W1 or B&W2 can be seen as finished in any way. 2 years more of development would probably make those games much better. Problem is that we gamers want the games NOW and not Later. Add the pressure from the publisher that won't fund a game for 10years without seeing any money from it. That sums up in that many games are released earlier than they should be and when they hit the market they are so overhyped of half-finished features that are buggy or almost not working.

The sad but true reality. What I am afraid of is that the gamermarket is about to create its own death because it always goes for safe releases that will create money. Look at all the follow-up games that is sure to make money. Quake 4, Doom3, Battlefield 2 (and very soon Battlefield 2142 (3)). Very rarely a new series is created unless its a FPS or similar.

The game industry needs some new blood and a fresh start now that it can deliver immersive games that really gives a good feeling and most important a fresh feeling with something new instead of just better gfx.
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Roll on Final Fantasy huh Kosmiq :P
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Very Well Put. Most of it is crap.. But then again, so are all the console games. we have a few good franshise games.. which are still released as mostly crap because developers are rushed and the Publisher knows we will still buy it... I play mostly BF2.. the only FPS I know that has ONE Game MODE.. It took a year from the release to get a second.. Rushed & Buggy and we all suffer because. ultimatley we bought it.. that was all they wanted.. not saying don't buy games... but I always like to test them before I fork up the dough.. 40-50 bucks for a 5 hour game.

Example - Tomb Raider Legend $50 - 7 hours to beat...how puzzling..

And I will never pay per month to play a game.. Sorry WOW fans.

Worth Playing: StrongHold 2, SimCity3000, Half-Life 2, Halo

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Thanks for the info...

Sorryaboiuyt being negative on this...
was just sitting around this morning l;ooking at my games directory...and i couldnt push myself to play any of the games i had installed...so i thought i would see what everyone else had to say...

im about a 50/50 50 dl 50 bought... and alot of times i am an impulsive buyer to and can tend to buy very crap games...
so i like testing them out.

i have used "cheats" and what not on games...alot of them for the use of getting more money...
I just think of it as accelerating the inevitable.... i could spend MONTHS building up the kind of income i wana have in a game... but if i do... then the game becomes about the money and not the actual game involved...

as far as ONLINE massive games go...
did eq back in the day... great memories and what not... but damm... i look at it now and it was very expensive...
and with no high speed connection anymore... i doubt i would go back to them....

i just wish the game industry would put a little more thought into there game instead of wanting to whip out the money sellers.... like in movies nowadays

once again i apologize for being extremely negative...
but its who i am... if i can see the negative then i can see how it can be improved for the better...

critizing i guess...

i dont think this is the forum for deep conversations though

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Originally Posted by Quertas of Atlantis
...i have downloaded games in the past, and nowadays i cant see away around it...
Originally Posted by Quertas of Atlantis
I saw X3 reunion in stores...so i DL the game...
Originally Posted by Quertas of Atlantis
im about a 50/50 50 dl 50 bought...
Also if you buy 50% of your games, you have stolen the other 50%. For the survive of FileForums, you (and every other member) has not to mention of having WAREZ games.


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