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Old 27-10-2001, 03:44
Goraknath13 Goraknath13 is offline
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I know that i am in a wrong forum but i dont change this :) which is best CD-R software, to copy Dre

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Old 27-10-2001, 04:21
dark_dragon100 dark_dragon100 is offline
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Hey buddy, u r in the wrong forum but that doesn't mean others can't help.
I'm not too sure about dreamcast cause i know PSX and PS2 only.
I suggest using Clone CD if ur burner is compatible but 2nd choice is Blind Read/Write.
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Old 27-10-2001, 11:29
bckloon bckloon is offline
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Discjuggler 2 or 3 is probably yer best bet m8
or you could use clone cd (burner has to be compatible) but clone will give you slower boot times
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Old 28-10-2001, 12:38
Wayniac Wayniac is offline
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Your succes is mostly determined by your hardware.

I read from Toshiba Cd-Rom - does RAW read with sub-channel data. Iw write with Traxdata writer (does almost full RAW write).

I use Juggler v3.00.755-DTU. Earlier version gave no joy. Also, CloneCD copies self-booters 90% of the time on my setup. I'd personally recommend Juggler - IF your hardware is compatible, second choice CLoneCD. Last choice in the world would be EZ CD Creator - useless!

It's only self-booters that can cause problems when copying; normal non self-boot games can be copied with Nero or CLoneCD with virtually little hiccup. If you do get problems with bad discs, CloneCD can slow down the reading speed, and it also tells you what your setup is capable of. The helpf file will is most useful if you're unsure about what your setup can do.

Note: A lot of writers will write in RAW mode, but cannot read in it. Hence the reason why so many people read from a CD-ROM drive to an image file and then burn that image file.

Also (and this could just affect a few people like me with certain setups), games like Sonic 2 seem to have some kind of extra protection. I could be wrong, but I found that if you copy this game and then copy off that copy, the game won't load; you have to make a SINGLE image file and then make multiple copies off that.

If indeed your writer cannot burn self-booters, you may be able to read them with a CD-ROM and whilst you're getting a new writer, you could zip up the image files for archiving - Some Juggler files compress very well and in some cases you can get 4+ games on one cd.

Hope this helps. Happy trails :-)
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