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Old 09-09-2001, 16:54
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question for charlie(the man)

ok whats up man,
of course i give props first of all because you ans lots of questions must have great knowledge.
ok on to the question, i am going to get that neo 4 i have the neo key but here is my question,
i have some games and friend have some games on dvd i don't know if the key can play the dvd-r but i have seen the 4 will bu5t what i want to know is i have seen you tell people that at moment there is no clonecd or equivelent i saw however that nero just made a dvd program that might work like that but before this i see that people already talk about using dvd-r, well can you tell me how they made those or what they used.
also i will probably get a panasonic or so the ones they sell at compusa can you tell me anyone of the members here that was lucky enough to send their system and get a neo 4 put in so i can ask them how they like it.
rockon man and for gods sake buy a reg ver of
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Old 10-09-2001, 01:21
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Good question Kidace. I haven't made any DVD copies on account that it's cheaper to buy DVD games than to invest in the burner!

That said, Sgt Dan's site has an explanation of how to boot DVD copies but without going into the DVD copying process. If you've got a DVD burner, try any "respectable" software like Nero or what came with the burner and boot using the advice on Sgt Dan's site. I don't have a NeoKey so can't predict whether it'll fall short of what a modchip will do. Sgt Dan's site has a forum on which you can also put the question.
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