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Old 01-02-2003, 13:59
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What media can a Pioneer A05 burn @ 2X

What media works at 2x with pioneer ao5 with 1.21 firmware?Thanks.
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Old 03-02-2003, 03:42
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This is what i got from Pioneer helpdesk when i asked them.

That looks awfull, but i cant post pdf files here.... crudd. Do as best you can reading this.... can e-mail it to you if you want it.
Also look at the gif file at the end.

The Writing Speed of DVD-R Media using the DVR-A03,
DVR-A04 or the DVR-A05.
The writing speed of DVD-R media that is supported by the DVR-A03, DVR-A04 and DVRA05
is explained below.
Please note that the Pioneer OEM version DVR-103, 104 and 105 are the same drive as their
respective models DVR-A03, A04 & A05.
The Variety of DVD-R Media Types
At present there are two types of DVD-R media that exists in the market: the first is 1x DVD-R
media and the second is the new 4x DVD-R media **. The new DVD-R media supports 1x, 2x
and 4x writing respectively, this new media is equipped with the “write strategy” to control the
laser pick-up power to achieve the optimum writing. Please see the below chart for further
details of the disc types and the writing speeds with the Pioneer drives.
** The DVD Forum published the following new standards during August 2002.
4x- speed DVD-R Optional Book Revision 1.0
2x- speed DVD-RW Optional Book Revision 1.0
Writing speed of DVD-R media
Writing Speed 1x DVD-R media The new 4x DVD-R media
1X # #
2X O #
4X X #
# Defined as the standard.
O Pioneer unique function based on special engineering.
X Not capable.
Writing Speed for DVD-R (4x) Media
· DVR-A05
The DVR-A05 has been designed to read the “write strategy” that is pre-written on the media
to automatically adjust the laser power output of the pick-up assembly to optimise writing to
the media. This function now eliminates the need for the drive’s firmware to be updated when
new DVD-R media is released.
· DVR-A03 and DVR-A04
New firmware *² has been released for these drives to enable the support of the (4x) DVD-R
media at 2x writing speed (maximum). This new firmware reads the write strategy pre-written
on the DVD-R media and automatically adjusts the laser power of the pick-up assembly to
optimise writing to the media. This function now eliminates the need for the drive’s firmware to
be updated when new DVD-R media is released.
· Please Note
Both the DVR-A03 and DVR-A04 are liable to malfunction if used with the new 4x DVD-R
media which may lead to damage to the disc unless the firmware has been updated *¹
*¹ DVR-A03/103 Ver1.80 or before
DVR-A04/104 Ver1.20 or before
*² DVR-A03/103 Ver2.00
DVR-A04/104 Ver1.40
Writing for the DVD-R (1x) Media
· DVR-A03, DVR-A04 and DVR-A05
Dating back to the launch of the DVR-A03 DVD-R/RW drive, Pioneer has included a feature
allowing 2x recording on the DVD-R media. This feature has been brought about by Pioneer's
own engineering endeavour. Each drive has a media specific optimisation called “write
strategy". These write strategies are tailor-made for the specific media brand, which makes 2x
DVD-R recording possible on the DVR-A03 and DVR-A04.
Prior to the release of the new 4x DVD-R media, the DVD Forum’s specification for DVD-R
was 1x writing speed. The 2x DVD-R writing feature was intended for the benefit of endusers.
To create 2x DVD-R write compatible “For General” media, firstly the media must pass
the DVD Forum’s verification as 1x DVD-R. Once this step is cleared, further fine-tuning is
applied to the media along with the media maker's co-operation. As a Result these media
brands only were ultimately certified as 2x DVD-R compatible media. Due to this development
procedure, not all DVD-R media on the market is compatible for 2x writing.
· 2x DVD-R writing by DVR-A03, DVR-A04 and DVR-A05
1. The list below is based on an evaluation made using sample DVD-R media
submitted by the respective media manufacturer.
2. Of the media manufacturers listed, there are media that exists which is not 2x DVD-R
compatible. To confirm that the DVD-R media is capable of 2x writing, please ask at the
point of purchase or contact the media distributor or manufacturer.
3. Evaluation has not been done for other DVD-R media manufacturers or brands that are
not listed below.
4. The list will be updated from time to time with new evaluation results.
2x DVD-R recording compatible media (As of December 24th, 2002)
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd OK OK OK
Mitsubishi Chemical
Corporation(Verbatim) OK OK OK
Mitsui chemicals, Inc. OK OK OK
Pioneer Video Corporation OK OK OK
TDK Corporation OK*1 OK OK
Taiyo-Yuden Co., Ltd. - OK OK
Matsu****a Electric Industrial
Co.,Ltd.(Panasonic) - OK OK
Sony Corporation - OK*2 OK
CMC Magnetics Corporation -
(Media ID:CMC MAG)
(Media ID:CMC MAG)
RITEK Corporation - -
(Media ID:RITEKG02)
ProDisc Technology Inc - -
*1 Adopted with firmware version 1.65
*2 Adopted with firmware version 1.40
*3 Adopted with firmware version 1.33
*4 Adopted with firmware version 1.21
· Any DVD-R media not listed above only support 1x writing speed.
Please be kind to refer to How to check the Media ID.PDF to confirm the DVD-R Media ID.
The Media ID is unique information pre-recorded on each blank DVD-R during the discs
manufacturing stage. This can be used to identify who manufactured the disc.
· Some DVD-R media released by ProDisc Technology Inc may not be suitable for writing on the
DVR-A05. Please contact ProDisc Technology Inc if you have any questions regarding this
Please be aware that many manufacturers market their media under various brand names or
manufacture OEM for other companies who market media under their own brand names.
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