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Old 22-01-2006, 08:11
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Problem playing PAL games

I have a ntsc modded ps2 with the matrix infinity chip but I cannot play PAL games on it. When I try the screen scrolls up and down nonstop is there something I Should be doing or is it just that I cannot play PAL games on my system, its a v14 btw with the matrix infinity chip installed.
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Old 22-01-2006, 09:16
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Its cause your TV is PAL. Sometimes most TV's show black and white image (not a vertical scrolling - the reason being is PAL is 50Hz frequency and NTSC is 60hz)..

If your TV has a scart socket at the back (also known as AV socket) then get a PS2>Scart lead from any game shop/electric shop.
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Old 24-01-2006, 16:32
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I would upload the small 54kb zip file with the program, but it is too big. It patches the ISO and the game and converts if from PAL to NTSC. It will stop the black/white flickering, but since PAL TV have a higher resolution you won't be able the see the whole picture vertically, so you will want to go into the options in the game and adjust the postioning of the screen. Just google for the program.

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Old 24-01-2006, 17:13
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His console is NTSC so I'm assuming he also has a NTSC TV.


He has a Infinity so there is no need for him to go through all that when the chip can do it all with out patching the ISO.


First make sure you have the most resent firmware flashed to your chip. You can download it here.


Burn the bin/cue to a CR-R with your favorite burning app then boot it in the PS2 like you would a normal PS2 game. Seeing how you have a V14 it most likely already has the most resent flash on the chip already. You can tell what flash version is on the chip by booting a PS2 game and when the game boots and it gets to the large "Playstation 2" logo, just under the logo and to the right it will say "Infinity X.XX" where X.XX is the version number.

To play PAL games on your NTSC console with the Infinity you will need to access the Infinitys settings menu. To do this put your PSTwo is standby, then hold triangle and circle on controller one then tap reset once. Keep holding triangle and circle until you see the menu come up. The there will be a setting to force the console to output different video formats. You want to force yours to output to NTSC.

This is the readme from the MI flash 1.75


What's new :

- VGA support added
- Main language loading fix

Notes :

- VGA suport was added to this firmware relase. You can now use the original blaze
  vga adaptor without the boot cd and enjoy the enhanced games compatibility that
  this version brings you on your vga screen (with full original ps2 browser and
  dvd movies support in vga mode).

  VGA mode is set to 640x480 at 60Hz (so the added bonus is that PAL games will
  run 20% faster). Games are automatically centered according to the original
  resolution without vertical or horizontal side artifacts (a common problem
  with the original vga adapter).
  PSX games are not supported at the moment but will probably be in a future
  release (altough this is probably a low priority fix due to the small
  improvement that vga support could bring to psx games).

  When VGA mode is enabled you can access the monitor adjust screen in the config
  menu by pressing SELECT. You only need to do this the first time to adjust your
  monitor settings (a white border is present at the side of the screen, play with
  your monitor settings so that the 640x480 screen completely fills your viewing

  A schematic of the cable will be soon online on our site for those skilled
  in the art of patching things together ;)

- The language selected in the browser was not correctly loaded when BOOT MODE was
  set to DEV1. Program automatically loaded on boot from the memory card had the
  incorrect default language.

Infinity option configuration menu :

Press TRIANGLE + CIRCLE to enter the configuration menu.

PS2 SCREEN FIX   : OFF    : Disables PS2 video fix.

                   COLOR  : Games will be output on their original video mode (PAL/NTSC)
                            with color correction applied to match your PS2 region.

                   PAL    : Force video mode to PAL

                   NTSC   : Force video mode to NTSC

                   PAL60  : Force all games to NTSC with color correction.
                            Games will run faster but screen might need adjusting.

                   VGA    : Enable 640x480 VGA mode.

Y SCREEN FIX     : OFF    : Y screen position fix is disabled.

                   AUTO   : Y position fix enabled with default settings.
                            Should be fine for most television sets. 

                   +/- N  : Fine tune Y position.
                            Positive values move the screen down, Negative values move it up.

PSX SCREEN FIX   : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable PSX screen fix

PSX MULTI DISK   : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable PSX multi disk support

MC16 PATCH       : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable D4TEL memory card support

ATAD AUTO PATCH  : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable ATAD auto patch

MACROVISION FIX  : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Macrovision patch

GREEN FIX        : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable green correction on DVD movies

DVD VIDEO REGION : 1..8   : Selects the DVD player region.
                            Use it to match the corresponding region on RCE protected discs.

DVD9 DL SUPPORT  : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Double Layer patch

BOOT MODE        : AUTO   : Normal behaviour. All discs wil autoboot.

                   FAST   : FastBoot.
                            Same as pressing SELECT on boot.

                   INFMAN : Execute Infinity Manager on mc0:
                            Same as Pressing TRIANGLE on boot.

                   DEV1   : Execute BOOT.ELF on mc0:
                            Same as Pressing R1 on boot.
                   DEV2   : Execute BOOT.ELF on HDD
                            Same as Pressing L1 on boot.
                   DVDV   : Force DVD video mode.
                            Same as Pressing CIRCLE on boot.

PAD DETECT TIME  : 2..10  : Select time to wait for connected pad on boot.
                            Only useful if pad is left unconnected.

BOOT LOGO        : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Matrix boot logo.


- Create a directory on your desktop or other location of your HD.
- Unzip the ".cue" and ".bin" files present inside the .zip file into this directory.
- Open your preferred burning program (Nero, alcohool120%, etc etc.) and choose
  option to burn a "CD-ROM ISO".
- Press the file selection button and choose file type "Image Files (.cue)".
- Navigate to the directory where you unzipped the V1.75 files and select the 
  "infv175.cue" file.
- Burn the CD.


- Insert the burned CD into the PS2 and press reset.
  The CD should boot authomatically and you will be presented with the Upgrade sreen.
- Follow instructions on screen to upgrade Infinity.


- NOTE  : You can always recover from a bad flash by entering recovery mode.
  ====    This will let you boot the upgrade disc to reflash your Infinity.

          To enter recovery mode:

          V1-V12 and V14 PAL :

          Hold the reset button until the blue eject light turns on.

          V14+ USA and JAP

          USA : Hold reset until blue eject lights turn on, wait 3 seconds and
          tap reset again.

          JAP : Hold reset until blue eject lights turn on, wait 3 seconds and
          tap reset, wait 3 more seconds and tap reset again.




- Insert the disc inside the PS2.
- The infinity will recognize the kind of disc you inserted and select
  the appropriate boot system.


- Press START on joypad 1 until the writing "DISABLED" will appear on screen. 
- Press reset once.
- The Infinity is now disabled until PS2 is turned off to Standby Position.


- Press SELECT on joypad 1.
- PS2 Logo will be skipped and game will boot directly.


- Press CIRCLE on joypad 1.
 (This option is only needed just in case someone needs to force the PS2
  to boot in PS1/DVD mode).


- Press CROSS on joypad 1.
  Useful to temporarily skip the default boot mode when set to something
  other than AUTO.


- Press TRIANGLE on joypad 1.
- If installed, the Infinity Manager will appear and show a list of
  installed applications.


- Press R1/R2/L2 on joypad 1.
- This will launch the following applications according to the button pressed :
  R1 : "mc0:BOOT/BOOT.ELF"
  R2 : "mc0:BOOT/BOOT2.ELF"
  L2 : "mc0:BOOT/BOOT3.ELF"


- Press L1 on joypad 1.
- If correctly installed, the default application will be executed from the HDD.


If you have any suggestion, or would like us to add some special or particual 
option, feel free to mail your suggestions at: [email protected] and
we will see if it will be possible to add it in the coming releases of the 
Infinity Firmware and/or the Infinity Manager.
Hope this helps.
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