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Old 22-11-2003, 20:39
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A problem about NFS Underground

I'm wondering that is a crack problem.

When I go into the game with my dual shock gamepad activated, the menu automaticlly goes up, and non-stop

once i uninstalled the dual shock driver, everything goes Okay...

I use a Twin Shock gamepad, with a Win XP SP1 (it has twin shock driver included, but only gamepad driver, no shock :P)

If i want to have vibration, i have to installed generic gamepad driver, so...

is it a crack problem or a driver problem???

if a driver problem, then tell me where can i DL the latest Generic Gamepad Driver? (2 Axis, 2 Analog, 10 keys, just like PS gamepad)

Thanks a lot, a lot and a lot
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Old 22-11-2003, 22:17
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Simple test to determine if crack problem exists:

Play with crack - notice problem
Play without crack - observe to see if problem is replicated.
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