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Old 10-08-2001, 01:49
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My friend bought AgeofEmpires II and the add on, The Conquerors.

I took them and installed both. I decided to get a crack from your site, so I got one age_crk.

I installed this, and was able to run the game without the cd, playing single player. I then installed the patch for the game, 2.0a, but it said I already had it.....I knew this was wrong, so I deleted the game. I installed it again, applied the 2.0a patch, then applied the crack. I cannot remember which way it is right now, or which order I mean.

Well, I am able to enter the game, and play single player. So I got my friend to download the crack, and then I hosted a game via Inside AoE and via the Zone. When I click ready, it says I must insert the cd. My version in the game says cd 2.0. My friend tried to host, and he got the same problem.

So we tried the zone with other 2.0a players. When I click ready, it says I must have the same version as the host. But the patch says I have 2.0a. So I was told that it shows me as 2.0 because of the crack, and I need to play with other 2.0 or 2.0cd players. So why is it I cannot play with my friend? I joined a game hosted by a 2.0cd player in the Zone, and I was ABLE to click ready, and I got in the game. Oh, sometimes it says I have 2.0, and cd 2.0.

So I tried HOSTING a game in the Zone. I was able to play with another 2.0 player.

But when I host a game with my friend, it says I must insert the cd. When he hosts, it says the same.

Is this because we installed the game onto 2 computers, off of the same CD? Because I downloaded the ai update, which should be in the 2.0a patch, and he didnt? Although the 2.0a patch didnt work.....

BASICALLY, I am confused. I would like to know this:

I would like to be able to play AgeofEmpires2, and possibly the expansion, with my friend, using ONE AoE2 CD, and ONE AoE2tC CD.

Is this possible? If so, can you help me get this:

The exact link to the right crack
Some help on what order to put the game in, patch, crack, patch, ai update, whatever is necissary.

Thank you VERY much for your time.
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Old 20-06-2005, 00:07
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I used to have this problem playing AoE: The Conquerors. It occurs when too many people are playing with No-CD Crack. A simple solution is to either have one player with the original CD.... Also, mounting an image with Daemon Tools and then adding Safedisc emulation works just as well.

Tell me if you have any problems :P
Old 20-06-2005, 09:41
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This is a new one, my friend bought it so I installed his and used a crack then my friend put on his and used crack.

At the end of the day you still stole the game.

The reason why it doesnt work on the zone, is the servers check the checksum of the game exe and if it doesnt match you dont play.

If you want to play online buy a copy its not that expensive.
Old 20-06-2005, 15:13
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read the rules, banned, thread closed.
I didn't ban you, BW did!

[QUOTE]Are you by chance a poet or writer ? Just wondering, your writing style is quite a shock to those of us who are used to illiterate warez kiddies going "OMG WT!F whErEz Da CRACKS !" all the time. You should bundle your signatures and get them published :D[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Ever though that you never got viruses because...
... Norton didn't find them?[/QUOTE]
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