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Old 18-07-2001, 19:23
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Help on burning Dance Dance Revolution

I got Dance Dance Revolution and I'm trying to burn it on a CD using CDRWin. Included in the game zip was the game itself (a bin file) and a .cue file. I tried burning the game by itself, but it does not work. So I came here.

I read about how one needs to patch the PSX's latest games, DDR being one of them. However, forgive me for my ignorance, but I didn't understand how to do so. I downloaded the patch and it's in the same directory as the game. Can someone help me from here?
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Old 23-07-2001, 14:50
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i have coppied dance dance 3, and you don't need a patch. you must use a boot disk as the psx will think it is a music cd ( you do have your psx chipped don't you). Download one from www.megagames.com. what ever you do don't use the boot in pal mode as there is a 10 sec delay between picture and music if you do, use it in normal (off). p.s. where did you download it from as i want dance dance 1.
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