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Old 13-10-2006, 23:56
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Hey. I just started a month ago doing installs. I was wondering if it would be helpful to anyone if I made some custom-length cables. I'm kinda thinking of buying maybe a spool of Cat5 and making some for people at close to cost. Like, if anyone needs some custom Cat5, like 100' long to connect to another XBox a couple dorm rooms over, or whatever they want it for. If I have enough interest, I could start doing this. I have access to Cat5, coax, and other sorts of connectors. We sell a bunch, and if you need some harness custom wired and you have plans, I could do that too. We're dealers for Monster Cable, so if there's something you want to order from them, let me know.

We install the touch panel systems (also Dab, K1, & K2) to control music throughout your house and IR controls, where your stuff can be put inside a cabinet and you have an eye on the other side of the room or even in another room sending a signal to IR emitters.
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