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Old 16-12-2011, 00:17
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how to use FreeArc with precomp+srep+tak??

ok, first of all, have anyone seen a Repack game from R.G. Catalyst?
recently i downloaded one of their repack just coz i trying to figure out how to do such a nice compression... the think is, i'm mexican, and i like games whit spanish/english voice... but repacks are often eng or eng/rus...

anyway, then i run their installer i noticed that was inno setup using freearc... and they have an arc.ini with:

[External compressor:precomp]
header = 0
mem = 10
unpackcmd = precomp -o$$arcdatafile$$.tmp -r $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

[External compressor:tak]
unpackcmd = takc -d $$arcpackedfile$$.tak $$arcdatafile$$.wav
datafile   = $$arcdatafile$$.wav
packedfile = $$arcpackedfile$$.tak
solid = 0

[External compressor:srep]
unpackcmd = srep.dll -d -mem330mb - -  <stdin> <stdout>
sooo, as far as i got, they use freearc, with precomp and srep and tak for audio files.... i think, the freearc uses the external compressor to compress the data in realtime and choices the best algorithm isn't it?
in their isos ther have something like

and if you open the data1.bin you realized that is just an arc archive... and every file inside is visible not just one precompresed file...

i look in the forum and many people do ther backups/repack whit a tipical "first compress with arc, then data.arc > data.pcf > data.srep > 'data.arc super compress' yeii"

but, i need something that just compress the file once... like a console command "arc.exe a -mprecomp+rep+"what-ever-command-they're-using" data1folder data.arc" and it make a super compressed file ready to uncompress without that much temps compressions (coz my hard drive rarely have enough space for that much temps)

em... i guess is a little bit confused but i see its possible coz i've been download many repacks just to see how they do it, Is just that i'm so lame and can't figure out how

so, do anyone know how to do it??

btw, as i said i'm mexican, so sorry for my bad english

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Old 17-02-2017, 05:06
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You can use razor's Compressor, or UltraArc.
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