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[CIUv3] Custom Installer Ultimate v3

We present you the third big step in Custom Installer (Ultimate) history.

It all begun with yener90, who was the initial creator of old CI (Custom Installer) and later, after some developement, he released an improved version of CI, namely CIU.

Since then, CIU became one of the most popular tools to create custom installations with a ton of graphical and shape liberties to help you to create unique graphical installer for your game/program backups. For whatever reason you make them.

Someday yener90 left the developement, but it was not the end of the journey. There was a person who was interrested in proceed further with this project. His name was BAMsE.

He made some great additions to CIU and most of them are still a part of today's version. However, even BAMsE dropped the project for personal reasons after 2 years of developement.

After this, long time there was no progress. One day, I came up and made small additions and fixes (I'm not a programmer and changes/fixes were time consuming) with help of some of the community's greatest personalities:
peterf1999 (who implemented his own hardware detection library)
Razor12911 (for implementing UltraArc and gave us so much tools for compression)
altef_4 (for helped me out here and there)
Simorq (who has done different compression things and other things for CIU)
Cesar82 (he helped me out too lol).

A few months ago, Cesar82 came up to me and did a lot of stuff. From this point he took over the developement of CIU til today, which is great because since then the developement literally had a jump in light years.

But before this, Gupta decided to proceeed with BAMsE's latest script, v2.0.4 Beta 5, and released his own v2.0.5g.

Ok, enough of revel in memories!

Thanks goes out to all contributors. Just to name a few:
pakrat2k2, Simorq, omdj, houcine80, GTX590, mausschieber, Chayan Manna, sajmon83

Initial Creator: Yener90
Former Modder: BAMsE
Current Modder: Cesar82

Inno Setup Unicode by Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan

=========== Libraries Used ===========
Bass Audio Library (BASS.dll) by un4seen developments
Botva2 Library (Botva2.dll) by South.Tver
CallbackCtrl Plugin (CallbackCtrl.dll) by RESTOOLS
Splash Plugin (IsGsg.dll) by South.Tver
Media Player Plugin (ISMediaLib.dll) by altef_4
Codejock Skin Library (ISSkin.dll) by Codejock Software
Slideshow Plugin (IsSlideShow.dll) by Dimon-na-domu
System Information Plugin (ISSysInfo.dll) by peterf1999
Packer Library (Pckr.dll) by altef_4
VCL Style Plugin (VclStylesInno.dll) by Rodrigo Ruz
Library for archive unpacking, PB and other stuff (ISDone.dll) by ProFrager
Library for FreeArc unpacking (UnArc.dll) by Bulat Ziganshin

========== Compressors Used ==========
7z by Igor Pavlov
Anvil Forge Recompressor (AFR) by Edison007
BinkPack (BPK) by ProFrager
DDS LZMA (DLZ) by ProFrager
LOLZ by ProFrager
MPZ Slimmer by Ramiro Cruzo
Media Streams Compressor (MSC) by ProFrager
OGG Recompressor (OGGRE) by ProFrager
OodleRec by Razor12911
RAR by WinRar GmbH
RAZOR by Christian Martelock
SuperRep (SREP) by Bulat Ziganshin
Unreal Engine LZO Repacker (UELR) by ProFrager
XTool by Razor12911
ZTool by Razor12911
Zstandard (Zstd) by Yann Collet

============ Other Things ============
FreeArc by Bulat Ziganshin
DiskSpan by Razor12911
UltraArc by Razor12911
Quick Ani2Icon by Carifred
CIUv3 Changelog:


- Updated compressor/decompressor "UELR" to last version 0.1.1e (x64 + x86). 
- Updated compressor/decompressor "ZStandard" from v1.38 to v1.42 (x64 + x86). 

- Fixed some issues with displaying error messages when installing UWP games.
- Fixed option of key Parameter= when running UWP games.
  >> Not sure if UWP games support parameters, but if they support the parameter will be included at the end of the command line preceded by a space.

- Added support for Components, Tasks and Languages in the UWP game registry. "Comp", "Task", "Lang" parameters are optional.  
  >> Example: Manifest#={app}\AppxManifest.xml;Comp:2;Task:2,3;Lang:EN,DE,FR;

- Fixed the percentage label to "100%" while registering UWP games. 
  >> Previously the bar remained full and the value displayed on the label was "0%".

- Fixed to ignore comments after key value in internal "Setup.ini" file.
- Fixed to ignore spaces before the keys or outside of section in internal "Setup.ini" file.
- Fixed to remove registry entries when using HKA using Inno Setup 6.
- Fixed correct progressbar size (width) using Inno Setup 6.
- Fixed correct position of Next and Back buttons using Inno Setup 6.
- Fixed others warning messages on debug output after compile using Inno Setup 6.
- Moved files "_Setup.ini", "_Setup_EXTERNAL.ini", "CREDITS.txt" to "Help" folder.

- Added an error message when clicking the NextButton when it is a UWP game and not running on Windows 10 (Message not translated yet).

- Fixed so that no errors occur if not defined Lang= key of "Setup.ini" or if none languages of the Lang= key are valid.
  >> If this happens the EN language will be enabled allowing the installer to work.
- Fixed some internal "Setup.ini" preprocessing (ISPP) errors (Some key values were being ignored).

- Updated "Equalizer Tool" from v2.0.0.0 to v2.0.0.1.
  >> Fixed errors saving changes in "Setup.ini". 
    ** Before it only saved the first time you clicked save.
    ** Clicking save again only displayed the message but did not change "Setup.ini".
  >> Fixed saving the key Position= in the same format as in "Setup.ini" key.
    ** If previously in "Setup.ini" you have using number 0,1,2,3,4 now save numerically. 
    ** If you previously had "Setup.ini" using "left, top, right, bottom" saved as text.
    ** Before each rescue saved in the opposite way.

- Updated ZStandard to v1.4.3


- Fixed to show the CIU label (CUSTOM INSTALLER ULTIMATE) on the About page with the correct font (STScott.ttf).

- Fixed ManualButton/ReadmeButton to open Manual/Readme files with the associated program even though the associated program is a UWP application (Universal Windows Platform).
  >> Such as whether the program associated with PDF files is Microsoft Edge.
- Updated compressor/decompressor "XTool" from v0.9 to v0.12 (x64 + x86) 

- Added PackMP3 and PackJPG
  >> They are in "MPZ" compressor

- Updated the Farsi (Persian) language file (Thanks to zirkhaki for the full translation [Added to Translators]).

- Updated decompressor "7z" (Seven ZIP) from v18.06 to v19.00 (x64 + x86) 

- Added new RazorTools decompression method to CIU (Now 5 Tools By Razor12911).
  >> LZX Precompressor (Side project) https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102675

- Fixed bug in function referring to [IniFileInfo] section of Setup.ini. 
  >> Only the first key (SetIniFile1=) was being processed.

- Fixed to hide the Flash Panel and video from the autorun or installer pages.
  >> When you clicked on canceling the installation or clicking on the end button, the panel became black and then exited, now it is hidden.

- Added two new keys in the [InterfaceSettings] section to change the color of SelectDirEdit if you do not use Skin.
  ** DirectoryEditTextColor=   >> Text color in edit
  ** DirectoryEditColor=       >> Edit background color
- Updated the function GetLangISO (Function used in registry.iss) to also support "_".
  >> If a default value of "_" is passed, it returns a value containing "_", otherwise it will return a value containing "-";
  Example to ValueData in registry.iss returns the iso code of the language selected in the installer. :
	ValueData: {code:GetLangISO};         >> Installing in German will return: de-DE
	ValueData: {code:GetLangISO|en-US};   >> Installing in German will return: de-DE
	ValueData: {code:GetLangISO|en_US};   >> Installing in German will return: de_DE

- Added new section [RegistrySettings] containing the following keys to replace custom constant in "Setup.ini" and external "Setup.ini".
  >> Substitute "ConstName" by "ConstValue" only in "ValueData" keys into [Registry#] section.
    ** ConstName#=      >> Name of custom constant to replace
    ** ConstValue#=     >> Value to replace in custom constant
  >> You can only insert the custom constants in the external "Setup.ini" and the Registry keys in the internal "Setup.ini".
  >> If there is a cutom constant "1" in the external "Setup.ini", the custom constants of the internal "Setup.ini" are ignored

- Added new section [GameSerialKey] with key named Key#= only to external "Setup.ini".  
- Added new function GetSerialKey to use in Registry.iss. 
  >> Example to add value:                           {code:GetSerialKey}                 >> Read Key1= from external Setup.ini
  >> Example to add default value:                   {code:GetSerialKey|XXXXXXXXXXXX}    >> Read Key1= from external Setup.ini. if key emty add default value
  >> Example to add multiple keys:                   {code:GetSerialKey|#}               >> Read Key#= from external Setup.ini
  >> Example to add default value and multiple keys: {code:GetSerialKey|#,XXXXXXXXXXXX}  >> Read Key#= from external Setup.ini. if key emty add default value
- Fixed creation of shortcuts for UWP games that contains the ":" character in the game name.

- Updated the reading of the values of the external "Setup.ini", for better operation when changing the components of "Launch" or "Executable" or "UWP Manifest File" or "ArcFile"
  >> If the key "Name=" exists in the [Launch#] section of the external Setup.ini, all information in the [Launch#] section of the internal Setup.ini is ignored.
  >> If the key "Name=" exists in the [Executable#] section of the external Setup.ini, all information in the [Executable#] section of the internal Setup.ini is ignored.
  >> If the key "ArcFile1=" exists in the [ExtractSettings] section of the external Setup.ini, all information in the [ExtractSettings] section of the internal Setup.ini is ignored.
  >> If the key "Manifest1=" exists in the [UWPGame] section of the external Setup.ini, all information in the [UWPGame] section of the internal Setup.ini is ignored.

- Updated "Equalizer Calculator Tool" to "Equalizer Tool v2".
  >> Now you have a preview of how your equalizer will stay and you can still save your Equalizer Button image.
  >> To learn more about the new features see the "Equalizer Tool.txt" file in the "Help" folder.
- Fixed the display of the Tip balloons of the About page flags.
  >> Previously I only displayed the tip balloons when opening the about page for the first time.


- Fixed not to display the LangBox when changing frames if not specified in the [LangBox] section and key Visible=1.
  >> If using ListBox (Without Autorun Page) LangBox (Flags) was shown when changing pages (ChangeFrame).
- Fixed to display the CancelButtonDisabled on the Language Selector page(Without Autorun Page) if key ShowDisabledButton=1.
  >> if the option of the [InterfaceSettings] section and the key ShowDisabledButton= is different from zero show CancelButtonDisabled.
- Fixed label heigth in the LicenseCheckBox to allow just the click on the label or checkbox. (Thanks houcine80 for information)

- Fixed percentage view during uninstallation.
  >> Percentage when 0% was not displaying the first two characters "0.", it only displayed "0 %" (Now "0.0 %").
- Fixed RequestDisk label text in PT and PTBR languages.

- Fixed button label on mouse enter using smaller font for FontSelected.
  >> Entering the mouse on the left or right of the label of the button would give clicking sound and entering and leaving the label.

- Added missing project files for future update of Setup.exe.

- Fixed to show or hide LangBox if necessary on alternate SmallInstallet to BigInstaller (On Double Click in SmallInstaller while install).
- Fixed to hide BackButton on alternate BigInstaller to Installer (On Double Click in BigInstaller while install).
- Fixed to show or hide correct progressbar on alternate  SmallInstallet/BigInstaller if not use custom progressbar (If not use progress bar images).

- Fixed to show progress in SmallInstaller default ProgressBar (If not use progress bar images) using mode PROGRESSBAR and undefined position (#define PROGRESSBAR greater than 100).

- Fixed CancelButton when switching SmallInstaller to BigInstaller to set visible only if it was set visible in Setup.ini settings.

- Fixed ProgressBar percent labels to aling label in correct position on change ShadowMoveX=/ShadowMoveY= values.

- Fixed to show ResumeAllTime label only if one launcher file exist.

- Fixed unknown constant "sendto" ('{sendto}') error by using Inno Setup above version 5.60 when uninstalling the games.

- Fixed some errors regarding the installation of UWP games and also some bugs related to creating shortcuts.

- Fixed when getting string type values from the external "Setup.ini".
  >> If the key is empty it does not return the "Default" value.

- Fixed so that the Registry.iss file is no longer necessary for the words "Root", "SubKey" and "ValueName", to be exact. 
  >> Now the words "Root", "SubKey" and "ValueName" it is no longer case sensitive.

- Fixed for the Registry.iss file not be locked when compiling the main script.
  >> It is no longer necessary to close the main script in order to save changes to "Registry.iss".

- Fixed to remove the installation folder and previous folders (if they are empty), except in games that contain special characters in the installation path. 
  >> The "Clean.bat" file that does the cleaning does not support special characters like: '™', '®', '©', 'ª', 'º' and others.
  >> PS: In the next update (not hotfix) I will include an executable in the CIU source to run after uninstalling the game to remove the folders supporting the special characters.

- Added Manifest#= keys from the [UWPGame] section also for the external "Setup.ini".

- Fixed registry removal on reg keys that contains the character ":" (Two-Point).

- Fixed to remove installed files when you cancel the installation.

- Fixed bug using OnlyLabel=1 in the [SmallButton] section. Now it seems to work.

- Fixed some possible bugs in removing registry keys.
  >> Now Registry.iss is no longer case sensitive in the "Root", "SubKey" and "ValueName" parameters (Now it works: Subkey, subkey, Subkey, SUBKEY, etc.)
  >> In the Registry.iss file it is no longer obligatory to add the ":" exactly after the parameter (Now it works even if it is like this: >>  SubKey  : HKLM;  )
  >> In Registry.iss file now if there are quotes in the values of Root, SubKey and ValueName will remove the registry (Now you can use: >>    Root: "HKLM";  or: >>  Root: HKLM; )
  >> Names with single quotes (Example: Assassin's Creed) continues working, it is replaced by two single quotes.

- Changed the conversion mode of special characters when read in Setup.ini.
  >> Now all characters are converted from UTF8 to ANSI when using CREATORS mode.
- Added CLEAR.exe executable to remove empty installation folders and installer items when uninstalling the game.
  >> The ".bat" file was used before, but batch files do not support paths with special characters like ™.
- Removed the ZOodle decompression method from the CIU.
- Added the RazorTools decompression method to CIU (4 Tools By Razor12911).
  >> FIFA 19 Cas Decryption Tool + Precompressor https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102461
  >> Project CARS 2 Bff Decryption Tool          https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102524
  >> ZSTD precompressor (Side project)           https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102599  
  >> LZO precompressor (Side project)            https://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=102615
- Fixed bug on the disabled Play buttons . 
  >> The play buttons being disabled while switching languages displayed the normal button image (Button.png or Play#.png) briefly.

- Fixed correct space between flags lines using rectangular flags in BOX mode.
- Added support for processing cmd commands also in the external "Setup.ini".
  >> If the [CMDCommands] section exists in the external "Setup.ini", the same section of the internal "Setup.ini" file is ignored.
- Fixed bug in checkbox of form SelectFolder that always returned checked when reopening the form SelectFolder, even having unchecked it previously.
- Added new section [Registry#] to insert additional registry entries (Like a game CD-Key) through "Setup.ini" or the external "Setup.ini".
  >> If the "ROOT" and "SubKey" value in the external "Setup.ini" exists, all keys in the [Registry#] section of the internal "Setup.ini" file are ignored.
     In this case, only the keys in the [Registry#] sections of the external "Setup.ini" will be used.
  >> The [Registry#] section contain keys:
     ** SubKey=            
     ** ValueName=          
     ** ValueData=          
     ** Languages=         >> Language Check                 >>    Example: Languages=EN,DE,FR,IT  or  Languages=EN
     ** Components=        >> Components Check               >>    Example: Components=1,3,4,8     or  Components=2
     ** Tasks=             >> Tasks Check                    >>    Example: Tasks=2,3,7,9,10       or  Tasks=4
- Added key DefaultInstallDir= to section [InstallOptions], to configure default installation path (Default SelectDirEdit Path).
  >> The Key DefaultInstallDir= is also supported in the external "Setup.ini".
  >> The folder with the game name (From ApplicationName<LANG>= or ApplicationName= key) will be created inside the folder defined in the key DefaultInstallDir=.
  >> Supports all Inno Setup constants except constant {app}. Example: {sd}\GAMES
- Fixed the correct percentage view on the requirements bar (System Check Page) when using the AdjustBarWidth= key of the [MinSystemReq] section.
- Fixed bug that did not reproduce button sound when using "#define PAGE x" mode

- Updated the "#define PAGE x" mode to support skipping to the "wpFinish" page during installation and up to the "UninstallPage5" page during uninstallation.
  >> If you put a value greater than the number of pages will always stop on the last page.


- Fixed bug on the following labels that were being cut depending on the type of font used. (Thank you to Simorq for reporting the bug) 
  Labels fixed: LicenseCheckLabel, RequirementResult ComponentsDiskSpaceLabel TasksDiskSpaceLabel DirEditLabel  
- Fixed the music icon button (MusicIcon.png) that was not being displayed on the Installers pages. (Thank you to pakrat2k2 for reporting the bug)

- Fixed disabled checkbox to show correct disabled image (Now shows the image checked correctly when disabled).

- Fixed bug on DirEdit label area to show DirEdit when moving the mouse over the TextBG, 
  only if you enter with the mouse on the DirEdit.png will be shown the DirEdit.
- Fixed LanguageBox selection to select the English language if the language of your system does not exist in the conversion. 
  >> If the English language also does not exist, the first available language is selected.
- Fixed bug on sound click on checkbox CheckAll on launcher selection. (The click sound was being played several times)
- Fixed bug that reproduced twice the click sound when clicking the customize button.

- Changed DiskSpan RequestDisk form caption to default RequestDisk caption by Yener90

- Fixed to enable the Next button when checking the License CheckBox when CheckBox.png is not used.
  >> I did not enable the button if I checked the checkbox directly in the native checkbox (not adding Image CheckBox.png).
- Updated decompressor "ZStandard" from v1.3.7 to v1.3.8 (x64 + x86) 
- Updated BASS library from v2.4.13 to v2.4.14

- Fixed to stop counting time when displaying the RequestDisk form.
  >> For DiskSpan files just stop the time in the search for the first file (.001) is 100% functional, for other files (.002, .003, etc.) if errors are displayed it will be removed.

- Updated DiskSpan library (again) to check if the internal RequestDisk form of the library CLS-DiskSpan.dll is being displayed or if the installation is in progress.

- Fixed to disable music in autorun page using the key Music=0 on [AutorunSettings] section.
- Fixed process termination time for Setup.exe when exiting the installer (Usually after the installation was slow to terminate the process).


- Fixed old bug (very old bug). Now unselect a button when exiting with the mouse cursor out of the button without going through the installer area.
  >> This happens if you do not move your mouse over other areas of the installer.
  >> Example: If there is part of another window on the button and move the cursor to this window. 
  >> Before the button remains selected when you exit the window.

- Fixed bug that when using different font fonts for FontSizeSelected/FontSizeClicked/FontSizeDisabled.
  >> The click is not processed by clicking on the label of the button and when you release the mouse button is not on the same label, even being in the click area of the button.
  >> When I placed the cursor on the label and did not change the size of the label, the cursor was outside the label and did not accept the click.
  >> This problem is quite visible using larger fonts for ButtonSelected (FontSizeClicked less than FontSizeSelected) because the label decreases upon clicking and if the mouse is not on it when you release the mouse button the click is not processed.
- Added [Ressources] section to "Setup.ini" and also to the external "Setup.ini" and also to the to external "records.ini" file (optional).
  >> The [Ressources] section contain keys Path=, Path32=, Path64= and support constants {src}, etc (If not use constants, is seted to {src})
  >> If this path contains "decompressors" files it will be copied to the TEMP folder at the start of the installation.
  >> Path=               >> For the files of the key "Path=" the files will be copied in any system (32 bits or 64 bits).(Recursive Path - Search all subfolders)
  >> Path32= or Path64=  >> But if it is a path of the key "Path32=" or "Path64=" the files inside it will only be copied if the system is equal (32 bits or 64 bits). (Recursive Path - Search all subfolders)  
  >> Example: Path={src}\RESOURCES\Dual   Path64=RESOURCES\x64

- Organized all components of the CIU source code.
- Moved about files (About.png) to "Setup\About" folder. 

- Added support to localized images to about page. (Setup\About\About.png, Setup\About\About_<LANG>.png) (500x500 Pixels)

- Added About.jpg / About_<LANG>.jpg for image to about page (About.png / About_<LANG>.png remains).
  >> Added image ".jpg" compatibility only image decreases the final size of the installer (About page does not allow transparent areas).

- Added new key LogoVisible= (0 / 1) in [AboutSettings] section to hide CIU Logo. (Default value = 1)

- Changed CIU Logo image to CIU Logo as Text (Label) in the About page where you can configure 4 color options for 4 parts of the text.
  >> The CIU Logo (Label) text will be visible if LogoAB.png does not exist in the Setup\About folder. 
  >> If LogoAB.png exists, the image will be loaded and the text will be hidden.
  >> To hide CIU Logo, image or text LogoVisible=0

- Added four new key in [AboutSettings] section to change CIU Logo (Text) colors. (Colors in $RGB)
  >> LogoColor1= LogoColor2= LogoColor3= LogoColor4=

- Added custom LogoAB.png and LogoAB_<LANG>.png to "Setup\About" folder. (At the top of the about page.) (500x70 Pixels) (Positioned at Left=0, Top=0 the AboutPage)

- Added custom LogoAB2.png and LogoAB2_<LANG>.png to "Setup\About" folder. (At the bottom of the about page.) (100x100 Pixels) (Positioned at 10 pixels X,Y from the corner of AboutPage)

- Changed key SmallLogoOpacity= to key Logo2Opacity= in [AboutSettings] section.
  >> To adjust visibility of logo (Image) with values 0 to 255 (0 = hide label) (Default is 0 = not visible). Value "0" hide logo.

- Added new key CreatePage= in [AutorunSettings] section to disable autorun page creation into Setup.ini without rename or move images files.
- Added support to use Uninstall.exe icon in [GameFolder] section using text "Uninstall" without quotes.
  ** IconFile=Uninstall
- Fixed the correct position of the flags appearance by clicking on the language selector arrows.

- Fixed the correct center and right alignment of Logo and LogoAR.
- Changed key LogoAlignment= to LogoAlignmentX= in [VideoOrFlashBG] and [BackGround] sections.
  ** LogoAlignmentY=          // left / center / right

  - Added key LogoAlignmentY= to [VideoOrFlashBG] and [BackGround] sections.
  ** LogoAlignmentY=          // top / center / bottom

- Added possibility to cancel the uninstallation while it is uninstalled.
  >> Now cancel button is displayed while uninstalling.

- Added time label while uninstall the game.

- Added time summary label after installing or uninstalling the game.
  >> If any of the Redist components (Launcher) are installed, a second time label is displayed after install including the total installation time (Game + Redist).

- Added key EnableFastUninstall= (0 / 1) to [InterfaceSettings] section. (Default value is 0)
  >> If you enable this option the installer does not create the list of files to uninstall, then uninstalls very fast but does not display progress.

- Added key ShowLabel= (0 / 1) to all butons sections except Minimize and Close buttons.
  >> Value 0 hide button label (Default value is 1). 

- Added key OnlyLabel= (0 / 1) to all butons sections except Minimize and Close buttons. (Default value is 0)
  >> Adding the value "1" does not access the button unless the mouse cursor is over the label. 

- Added key ShowEqualizer= (0 / 1) in [VideoOrFlashBG] section. (Default value is 0)
  >> If value is 1 show Equalizer while play video. if you click on it, mutes the videos.

- Added new [MusicIconSI] section to Setup.ini to add MusicIcon to SmallInstaller
  >> SmallInstaller button icon name as MusicIconSI.png and section [MusicIconSI] contain keys: Left=, Top=, Width=, Height=, Visible=

- Added new option to MusicIconAR e MusicIcon

- Added new positioning option for MusicIcons buttons (MusicIconAR / MusicIcon / MusicIconSI);
  >> Now if you place the MusicIconAR over the MusicARButton or MusicIcon over the MusicButton, or MusicIconSI over the SmallMusicButton,  
    the MusicIconAR/MusicIcon/MusicIconSI is automatically set to disabled, and is only used as a preview if the music is playing or not.

- Fixed to always show the "Next", "Back", "Cancel", "Music" buttons on all pages of the big installer. 
  >> If it is not in use they are set to disabled. The remaining buttons if in use will also remain on all pages.
  >> I recommend using "BackDisabled.png" if using 'BackButon.png". Cancel and Music buttons only show if contain in your project.

- Added compatibility to eula files with extension ".txt".

- Added keys OneLiner= to news sections [MusicARButton] and [MusicButton] and [SmallMusicButton]. It has also been added to the button group [SmallButton] section.
  >> If there is no key in the button section (MusicARButton, MusicButton, SmallMusicButton), the key for the button group (StandardButtonAR, StandardButton, SmallButton) will be checked.

- Fixed issue that blocked saving of Setup.ini while Inno Setup was open after a build script.
  >> PS: If you find multiple files with "Date-Time.ISPP" (Example: 2018.11.08-22.38.58.ISPP) in the system temporary folder, 
    >> they can be deleted because they are copies of Setup.ini when compiling the CIU. 
    >> These files should have been deleted when compiling a second time.

- Added key Visible= to [SmallMusicButton] section to hide small music button (if equalizer exist on SmallInstaller). 
  >> This function is active only works if you have the Equalizer button in the SmallInstaller

- Added selected images to Equalizer butons to show while select equalizer butons.
  >> Images: EqualizerARSelected.png \ EqualizerSelected.png \ EqualizerSISelected.png

- Changed script function ProgressBarPercentTest to PROGRESSBAR and updated to animate undefined progress view.
  >> Value 0 to 100 to pause progress bar in value percent position (Example: #define PROGRESSBAR 50) 
  >> Value greater than 100 bar for time to increase progress (Example: #define PROGRESSBAR 500) 

- Added new script function PAGE to skip X pages of installer on starting. (Example: #define PAGE 2) (Set value 0 or use ";" to disable function)
  >> If the page function value is greater than 0 (if it is enabled), 
     you can put the page value in the "SkipToPage=" key of the "[InstallOptions]" section of the external Setup.ini.
     To change the value of the SkipToPage key in Setup.ini it is not necessary to recompile the script.

- Removed the GameuxInstallHelper.dll library from the installation folder when you install the game (You do not need GameuxInstallHelper.dll in the installation folder).
- Changed "MediaPlayer.dll" v1.03 library (by TLama), with the "ISMediaLib.dll v2.0" library (by altef_4)

- Enhanced video loop mode(Smoothed) in the Autorun/Installer pages.

- Added mask (Image bitmap) to set custom region for playback of Video/Flash in the Autorun/Installer pages and also in the background video while the installation is done.
  ** "VideoAR.bmp" into "Autorun" folder to video/flash of autorun page.
  ** "Video.bmp" into "Setup" folder to video/flash of installer pages.
  ** "VideoBG.bmp" into "Background" folder to video/flash of fullscreen background while the installation is done. 

- Added frames (Image to the borders) option for the videos on the Autorun/Installer pages.
  >> "VideoAR.png" into "Autorun" folder to video/flash of autorun page and "Video.png" into "Setup" folder to video/flash of installer pages.
- Added two news keys BorderX= and BorderY= to [VideoOrFlashAR] and [VideoOrFlash] sections.
  >> The video panel is resized to fit within the edges (results in the total value specified for the video minus size both edges).
  ** BorderX=      // Value to Left/Right border at left and at right of video panel.
  ** BorderY=      // Value to Top/Botton border at up and at down of video panel.

- Added auto calculation of one of the dimensions of the video/flash files in the Autorun or Installer pages using the [VideoOrFlashAR] or [VideoOrFlash] sections, if the other information is greater than 0.
  >> This way the video will not be deformed. Keep the same original aspect ratio, if the dimensions are fixed and non-proportional will be filled in black color.
  >> To calculate Height automatically enter the Width value. Then delete the key Height, or enter "//" before the key, or put value 0 in the key. 
  >> To calculate Width, do the same, keeping the value valid in the key Height and eliminating the value of the key that must be calculated.

- Removed UWP_Tool.exe from CIU code (No longer use).

- Removed key UWPGame= from [InstallOptions] section.

- Added internally in CIU code script functions for use in UWP games.
  >> These functions are used to register the game, create shortcuts on the desktop, remove game registration and play games from the Play button.
  >> In UWP games a "UWP_REGISTER.bat" file will be created in the game's installation folder (Do not Delete).
    This file will allow you to register the game again without having to reinstall (If accidentally uninstalled through the start menu icon), 
	it also stores information to remove the shortcuts during uninstallation. Without it the desktop shortcut files will not be removed when uninstalling.

- Added new section [UWPGame] with keys Manifest#= o inform al manifest to registry
  >> if Manifest1= is different from empty, the UWPGame mode will be automatically activated.
- Added new key ManifestID= in [Executable#] to inform the ID referring to the manifest file. (Value is integer)
  >> Example: ManifestID=1 or ManifestID=2     // In examples 1 and 2 refer to the manifest file registered in the [UWPGame] section to create shortcut and set game to run in Play button.
  >> To UWP games (Only to UWP Games) in [Executable#] section set Name=ORIGINAL to create shortcut with original UWP game name.
  >> To UWP Games keys ExePath=, Exe=, ExePath64 and Exe64= in [Executable#] section not is necessary.
  >> PS: Play butons in games UWP, if game not registred, register before run game.
- Added suport to icon format image '.png' in key Icon= of sections [Executable#]
  >> if is icon file is a image '.png', convert to icon.

- Added option to restore/normal the installer (Fullscreen installler to normal Installer design)
  >> While installing just by double-clicking on the SmallInstaller to return to the normal Installer.
  >> To return the installation back to fullscreen, just double-click again on the Installer.

- Added new key ArrowSpace= in [LangBox] section.
  >> This key value is in pixels. Does not support negative values.  

- Added key Effects= in the [LangBox] section, to select the type of effect of the flag in the chosen flag model.
  >> Effects=             //integer (0 to 2) (Default = 1)   // (0 = Without Effect) (1 = Light Effect) (2 = Full Effect)
- Updated (Rebuilt) all models of previous language box flags with 3 options for each model.

- Updated to 20 the number of models of flags of the language box. Ten new models added.

- Updated (Rebuilt) to 20 the number of models of flags of the About page. Ten new models added.
  >> Changed about flags image from strip to image 9x4 flags. 

- Updated (Rebuilt) all the models of arrows of the LagBox.

- Added two new keys to [LangBox] section. Not required (Optional) (Auto calc size if not keys exist).
  ** ArrowLength=         //Length of the arrow of the independent langbox if the LangBox is horizontal or vertical.
  ** ArrowThickness=      //Thickness (Width) of the independent langbox arrow if the LangBox is horizontal or vertical. 

- Adedd two new keys to [LangBox] section.    
  ** ShowResumeTime=       // 0 / 1  (Default = 1)   //Show resume of time at end of installation or uninstallation on finnish page.
  ** ShowUninstallTime=    // 0 / 1  (Default = 1)   //Show uninstallation time while uninstalling the game.

- Added "_Create New CIU Project.bat" to create a simplified new project (Few files). 
  >> When executing the bat file the new project will be created in a subfolder called "CIU V3 - New Project" inside the CIU Source folder.

- Fixed some missing keys in the "_Setup.ini" file that came with the Source code. (The keys were also reorganized)

- Added some help images in the Help folder to aid understanding.

- Added frag drop function on "_Create Image Masks.bat"
  >> If drop ".png" file in "_Create Image Masks (Drag PNG Here).bat", creates bitmap mask of the image in the same folder as the image.
  >> If you just click on the ".bat" file, force the creation of the bitmap masks to the Autorun.png, Installer1.png and SmallInstalller.png images that are in the setup folder. 

- Fixed bug on run "New Project".
  >> Previously I was saving a "Commando.bat" file on the desktop every time it was run. (It was a test I forgot to remove).
- Fixed error on uninstall page ater uninstal game if ShowResumeTime=0 and ShowUninstallTime=0 in [InterfaceSettings] section.

- Fixed CREATOR mode to compile selected flags and load compiled flags if not exists external "Resources\Languages" folder.
  >> If using CREATOR mode and moved "Setup.exe", "Setup.ini" and "Setup" folder, loads the flags that were active during compilation.

- Fixed bug MusicIconAR visible on installler using installer only mode (Without Autorun Page).

- Fixe MouseClick sound on after uninstall(Before I was playing click sound when switching pages).

- Fixed bug LanguageList visible on use one language using installer only mode (without autorun page).

- Fixed bug LanguageList (Installer Only Mode) image not visible if no exist language = S.O. language and not EN language.

- Added OodleRec precompressor (Thanks to Razor12911).

- Fixed SubtitleDelay read value to correct Delay= key and [Subtitle] section.

- Added title translated to "Language Selector" (ListBox) page.
  >> EnglishUS, (EnglishUK copy from EnglishUS), PortugueseBR (PortuguesePT copy from PortugueseBR) has been translated by Cesar82, if they think it is not good, please inform.
  >> Translated languages: German (Thanks to KaktoR), SpanishES (Thanks to omdj)(SpanishMX Copy from SpanishES), Farsi (Thanks to Simorq), Arabic and French (Thanks to houcine80), Polish (Thanks to sajmon83)
  >> The other languages were translated from English (Language Selector) through Google Translator. If the translation is wrong please inform us that it will be updated.

- Added Enabled= key (0 / 1) to [Component#] and [Launch#] sections. (Default = 1)
  >> If Enabled=0 the checkbox is setet to checked automatically. 
  >> Use this function in components section to install Game + DLCs using components and set MainGame checkbox to disabled.
  >> Use this function in Launch section to force install necessary redists. 

- Fixed bug that resulted in an error if using components.

- Added al default values to "_Setup.ini" file. If the key does not exist you will know which value will be read. 

- Fixed not loading custom image LogoAB2.png.

- Fixed "_Create Image Masks (Drag PNG Here).bat" to work in files on paths containing spaces.

- Fixed to change ShadowColorSelected, ShadowColorClicked e ShadowColorDisabled on mouse leave in al buttons.

- Added support to use masks bitmaps with the same name of the pngs being no longer necessary to have the previous ones.
  >> It is now possible to add Installer1.png, Installer2.png, Installer3.png, and Installer1.bmp and Installer3.bmp masks. 
  >> In this example Installer2.bmp will be created automatically from the Installer2.png image when the installer is executed.
  >> Masks are used in this order...
    *** Image ".bmp" with same name of ".png" >> Installer.bmp >> If nothing exists will create the mask since the key DisableWindowBorder= is different from "1"

- Added CheckAll checkbox to Launcher selection in SelectDirPage (Only visible if you have more than one Redist)
  >> Disabled checkboxes are ignored on click
- Added new key ShowCheckAll= (0 / 1) key to [LauncherSettings] to show or hide extra "CheckAll" checkbox. (Default = 1)

- Added again the [ExtractSettings] section for extraction using DiskSpan. (See "_Setup.ini" file)
  >> You will only read the [ExtractSettings] section if Records.ini does not exist along with setup.exe.
  >> In key ArcFile#= Type is defined: "Type:ARC;"(FreeArc) or "Type:ZIP;" (Seven Zip) or "Type:RAR;" 
- Added support to multi language to a ArcFile using comma to separate languages
  >> "Records.ini" to set language use: "Language=<LANG>" or "Language=<LANG>,<LANG>,<LANG>"
  >> "Setup.ini" in [ExtractSettings] section use: "Lang:<LANG>;" or "Lang:<LANG>,<LANG>,<LANG>;"

- Updated decompressor "ZStandard" from v1.3.4 to v1.3.7 (x64 + x86) 
- Updated decompressor "7z" from v18.03 to v18.06 (x64 + x86)
- Updated decompressor "LOLZ" from unknow version to version "22c4b" (x64 + x86)
- Added decompressor pZLib3 to CIU.

- Fixed bug when using colors for labels and buttons using values started with $00.

- Added new CheckBox in SelectDir "FORM" (Add Application Dir In Path) to Include or not include application name in installation directory.
- Added new Button in SelectDir "FORM" (New Folder) to create new subdirectory in selected FolderTreeView directory (Button is enabled if not CheckBox checked)

- Added Tasks Page to add additional files to the installation.
  >> The task page labels have been translated into google translator for all languages. 
  >> If you are wrong in your language, please send me the correct translation that is updated.
  >> Translated labels in google translator:
    ** WizardSelectTasks=Select Tasks
    ** SelectTasksDesc=Which Tasks Should Be Installed?

- Added new Section [Task#] to "Setup.ini" and external "Setup.ini" files (Similar to the Components section).
- Added new key ShowInstallLabel= in [Component#], [Task#] and [Launch#] sections to hide Install label before component name (Default = 1).
- Added key Exclusive= to section [Task#] (For now only on the tasks page).
- Added "RadioButton.png" image to CIU (For now only on the tasks page)
  >> If not exists "RadioButton.png image, use "CheckBox.png" image.

- Added key Level= to section [Task#] (For now only on the tasks page).
  >> Move the CheckBox or RadioButton 15 pixels to the right for each Level.
- Fixed the cancellation of the search for the next file (Browse file form) by clicking the cancel button. 
  >> It was in a loop and would not allow you to cancel if the file did not exist.

- Fixed shadow color bug on small buttons slected/clicked/disabled.

- Updated library CLS-DiskSpan.dll to show translated request disk message, and also fixed the bug that returned a folder prior to the path of Setup.exe when searching for the next disk.

- Updated the IsValid function to support also check the tasks to valid registry entries.
  >> function IsValid(LangName, CompID, TaskID, System: String): Boolean; 
  >> To use: Check: IsValid(LangName, CompID, TaskID, System);
     >> To valid system x64 (64-bits):  >>  if contain 64 in string value. 
     >> To valid system x86 (32-bits):  >>  if contain 86 ou 32 in string value.
     * LangName as >>   '' or 'EnglishUS', 'German', 'Italian', 'PortugueseBR', 'EN', 'DE', 'ES', etc 
     * CompID as   >>   '' or '1,2' or '1' or '3' or '1,3,6'
     * TaskID as   >>   '' or '1,2' or '1' or '3' or '1,3,6'
     * System as   >>   '' or 'Win32', 'Win64', 'Win32,Win64' or 'x64' or 'x86 or '32-bits', or '64-bits'
     >> Example:   >>   Check: IsValid('EN,DE,ES', '1,5', '', '64');
        ** In example install if: >> "language EN or DE or ES" and "component 1 or 5" and "Any Task" and "System is x64"

- Fixed CREATOR mode to just browse files in the correct folders within the "Setup" folder.
  >> Now using CREATOR mode you can rename the "Autorun or Background" folder and will automatically be changed to "without Autorun or without SmallInstaller" mode respectively.
- Changed de keyboard key to abort progressbar test mode from ESC key to CTRL key.
  >> It conflicted with native Inno Setup options and did not take command immediately.
- Added new key ShowDisabledButton= (0 / 1) (Default = 1) in [InterfaceSettings] section.
  >> If the value is "1" it shows all buttons used on all big installer pages. The buttons not needed on the page are disabled.
  >> If the value is "0" it only shows the required buttons on the current page. Unnecessary ones are hidden.
Tools Changelog:
-Updated LZ Scan to v2.0 (thanks to elit)
-Updated UELR to v0.1.1e (thanks to Edison007)
-Corrected a few Arc.ini settings
-Updated ZStandard (zstd) to v1.4.3 (all tools)
-Added Inno Setup 6 Repack (Lite version)
  > This is needed for future CIU versions (v3.0.0.1 and above!)

-Added MPZ, PackJPG and PackMP3 to UltraArc (both versions)
  > Only accessable through MASK method
  > For MPZ and PackJPG use srep before to get better output
-Input/Output size will now be shown at the end of compression
-Updated InnoUnp to v0.49
-Updated Notepad++ to v7.7.1
-Updated ZStandard (zstd) to v1.4.0 (all tools)
-Updated XTool to v0.12 (all tools)
-Updated VCL Skin Viewer Source Code

-Fixed a typo in _DiskSpan.bat (PUBLIC and FULL)
-Changed "Original Size" to "Input Size" and "Compressed Size" to "Output Size" strings in _DiskSpan.bat
-Updated 7z to v19.0.0.0 (all tools)
-Updated XTool to v0.11 (all tools)
-Updated ZStandard (zstd) to v1.3.8 (all tools)
-Updated Resorce Hacker to v5.1.7
-Updated Notepad++ to v7.6.4
-Updated some compressor options
-Added "DVD Sizes.txt" to both UltraArc versions

-Fixed a typo in DiskSpan
-Added RazorTools to UltraArc/DiskSpan (only FULL version)
  > ZSTD precompressor
    * Pack with "zstdrec"
  > FIFA 19 Cas Decryption Tool + Precompressor
    * Pack with "cdt+fifa19_oo2reck"
  > Project CARS 2 Bff Decryption Tool 
    * Pack with "bdt+pcars2_oo2reck"

-Removed Equalizer Calculator Tool
  > It is already inside CIU archive
-Updated Notepad++
-Updated Setup Patch Maker
-Added Create New Flags Template to CIU v3

-Updated LOLZ to v22c4 (thanks to ProFrager)
  > In both UltraArc and DiskSpan
-Updated Setup Patch Maker
-Added Resource Hacker v5.1.6

-Added OodleRec to UltraArc and DiskSpan (thanks to Razor12911)
  > Only aviable for FULL edition!
  > Use it through MASK method!
  > There are 3 options: oo2reck, oo2recm, oo2recs
                         Kraken   Mermaid  Selkie
  > Whenever you pack a game with oodle, check for used streams
  > Only use one DLL that is used by the game you want to compress (oo2core_#_win64.dll)
  > Copy the DLL to "Resources\PE\OodleRec" folder before start compression!
-Replaced DS4Oodle with new scanner (thanks to Razor12911)
-Added some help to alternate DiskSpan folder
-Fixed UltraArc DiskSpan ISO creation
  > Records.ini was not added to ISO image because of arc.exe --makeiso command
  > Switched to oscdimg.exe again
-Added Setup Patch Maker
-Removed AFR from UltraArc DiskSpan
  > Because it will give you errors anyway
-Some other things I can't remember
Attached Files
File Type: 7z _Tools (2019-08-31).7z (86.20 MB, 467 views)
File Type: 7z CIU (2019-08-31).7z (64.77 MB, 485 views)
Haters gonna hate

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Talking Wow

very cool
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GUI designer coming?
Looking for something?
Visit the
Tutorial Index

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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
GUI designer coming?
Long time no see huh
Keep Up The Good Works!
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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
GUI designer coming?
Not yet. Would like to start on it in the next few weeks. Still have to figure out some things

Archives uploaded. Have fun.

Happy new year everyone!
Haters gonna hate
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Originally Posted by KaktoR View Post
Not yet. Would like to start on it in the next few weeks. Still have to figure out some things

Archives uploaded. Have fun.

Happy new year everyone!
Super!!! Thanks..
Keep Up The Good Works!
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Very cool, huge thanks for all the hard work in the background for all those concerned.
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Hotfix added to first post
Haters gonna hate
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[CIUv3] Custom Installer Ultimate v3 do you know how to share the training video?
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Just upload it @masen485 to the Tutorial Index.
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I couldn't install a game compressed with srep+lolz. it showed an error popup and closed the installer.

Replaced cls-lolz_x64 with the one in CIUv2 v2.0.3.9 U15.2 folder and the installer worked.
should we use the new cls-lolz_x64.exe to compress the games to be able to use this new exe to decopress?

another problem:
when installer prompt to insert disk 2, I clicked on OK button to address the next folder but installer closed instantly. I tried again but this time I could choose the second folder. maybe a temporary problem.
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Yes seems so

Don't use VCL skin with diskspan (sometimes installer crash, sometimes it works. It's a diskspan cls problem).
Haters gonna hate

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Hi KaktoR
It's better to update these two.

7-Zip 18.06
    The speed for LZMA/LZMA2 compressing was increased by 3-10%,
    And there are minor changes in compression ratio.
    Some bugs were fixed.
    The bug in 7-Zip 18.02-18.05 was fixed: there was memory leak in xz decoder.
    7-Zip 18.02-18.05 used only one CPU thread for bz2 archive creation.
Zstandard v1.3.8
Detailed list of changes

    perf: better decompression speed on large files (+7%) and cold dictionaries (+15%)
    perf: slightly better compression ratio at high compression modes
    api : finalized advanced API, last stage before "stable" status
    api : new --rsyncable mode, by @terrelln
    api : support decompression of empty frames into NULL (used to be an error) (#1385)
    build: new set of build macros to generate a minimal size decoder, by @felixhandte
    build: fix compilation on MIPS32, reported by @clbr (#1441)
    build: fix compilation with multiple -arch flags, by @ryandesign
    build: highly upgraded meson build, by @lzutao
    build: improved buck support, by @obelisk
    build: fix cmake script : can create debug build, by @pitrou
    build: Makefile : grep works on both colored consoles and systems without color support
    build: fixed zstd-pgo target, by @bmwiedemann
    cli : support ZSTD_CLEVEL environment variable, by @yijinfb (#1423)
    cli : --no-progress flag, preserving final summary (#1371), by @terrelln
    cli : ensure destination file is not source file (#1422)
    cli : clearer error messages, notably when input file not present
    doc : clarified zstd_compression_format.md, by @ulikunitz
    misc: fixed zstdgrep, returns 1 on failure, by @lzutao
    misc: NEWS renamed as CHANGELOG, in accordance with fb.oss policy
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They are already updated

Edit: Ok zstd is on 1.3.7 in CIU. Updated version will come with next update.
Haters gonna hate
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If you have any other updates let me know
Haters gonna hate
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