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Old 03-08-2002, 03:48
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DVD region X CD lost - what now?

Hello all
I dont know if Im wrighting here in the right place, but as it seems that this forum is dedicated for DVD questions, Ill start here.
I have a european PS2 that only plays code 2 DVDs. Because I wanted to play import DVDs I bought the DVD region X. Included in the box were a dongle for the Memory card slot and a CD that as needed to use DVD region X. Exactly that CD I have lost now, and i have now no Idea what to do. I hope my following request will not be counted as a warez request: Can anyone provide me with an ISO of the DVD region X CD or is there another way to watch DVD import Movies (Code 1) without any mod-Chip or just with the DVD region X dongle?

Id like to repeat that i dont mean to do any warez-requesting here (besides, i only need the DVD region X CD, i still have the dongle, so it should actually be clear that Im no warez guy).

If anyone has the ISO of the DVD region X CD, can he mail it to me (frittenbudeabc**********com), ISO isnt big as far as I know, or can anyone help me in another way?

greets esti_the_big
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Old 04-08-2002, 05:21
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is your playstation2 modded to accept burnt discs? otherwise, this is pointless, isnt it?
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