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Old 14-05-2005, 19:17
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I'm New to MP3 Players

I do not own an MP3 player but I'm interested in getting one. There are somethings I'm not familiar with. I always picture an MP3 player as being like a walkman where you just listen using headphones. Can an MP3 player be plugged into my home-theater system so I can listen on my surround sounds? Can it be plugged into my car stereo somehow, and if so how does the MP3 player connect to it?

Also, what features should I look for in an MP3 player? I know I want one that has quite a lot of storage capacity.
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Old 08-07-2005, 02:55
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Yes, if you have the right cables with at least one 3.5mm connector then you should have line out. For Cars, only way to do that is using a traditional tape deck system, or an FM Transmitter that hooks up to MP3, but those do not work well in cities.

Feature to look for...

If you want Overpriced, Overrated and Overly simple..Ipod

If you want Affordable, Feature Packed and Simple yet with more complicated features still easily accesible...Creative Zen Micro.

Compare...Ipod Mini vs. Creative Zen Micro

CZM:Has FM Radio and FM Recorder
Ipod M: Neither

CZM: $199-lower
IM: $199-lower, but doesn't include Wall charger or USB

CZM: User-Replaceable battery
IM: Apple replaceable only for a large sum

CZM: 10 colors to choose from
IM: 4

CZM: High fidelity sound quality
IM: Consistently ranked lowest in Mp3 sound quality

CZM: can be used with Online Subscrition services such as Napster to go, Rhapsody to go and Yahoo Music Subsc.
IM: Itunes only, Itunes offers no to go type service

CZM: smaller than Ipod mini
IMobvious) Larger than CZM

CZM: Touch sensitive controls
IM: touch sensitive controls

CZM: Voice/Conference recorder
IM: n/a

CZM: Cool looking (matter of preference)
IM: Cool looking (matter of preference)

CZM: has 4 gig, 5 gig and 6 gig configurations
IM: 4 gig, 6 gig

CZM: you stand out in the Mp3 crowd (matter of preference)
IM: You blend in, you are the hay in the haystack (matter of preference)

So, in conclusion, from my point of view i think that the Creative Zen Micro is the way to go.

Oh, one last thing...Things to look for

Capacity size
FM radio/recorder
Voice recorder
Screen legibility
Ease of Use
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Old 08-07-2005, 02:57
angry_ghandi angry_ghandi is offline
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Lots of Storage

Creative Zen line has 4 gig-60 gig configurations of players
Ipod goes to 60 gigs to
Sony=40 gigs (i believe)

check out the company websites and compare from there
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