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Old 26-12-2002, 00:29
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ps2 backup problem

I'm trying to back up my dvd games using a sony dru500a burner without success. I'm using the swap method to load my backup & when the backup disc is in I get a blank screen but can hear the disc spinning(it sounds like it's pulse spinning). I'm using recordnow max and have a v4 with neo4 chip. The other thing is I have been using -rw & +rw media(laser & traxdata brand). Is this the problem???? I have read that rw's don't read on ps2's. Is this true???

Can anyone help????
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Old 26-12-2002, 01:55
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I’ve also read that the PS2 does not like DVD-RWs, and really don’t like DVD+RW. I would try using a DVD-R and see if you can get your backups to play.
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Old 26-12-2002, 11:07
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v1-v4s don't generally play -rw/+rw very well. It's ok if you have a v5-v7. In your case I would try a high quality -r media.

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