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Old 16-08-2002, 06:55
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Backup Sims House Party

Hi, I've been using my Sims House Party to test out backing up copy protected games.

I have a Samsung CD-RW SW208B with CloneCD 4.
I did some checking and this drive is suppose to be compatible for doing the copies and does support DAO-RAW.

I used CloneCD and Daemon Tools to create an image of the cd. This works fine. I can get the image mounted and boot from it. So I'm half done. Everything works so far.

Now, when I try to burn the image using the Game CD profile it'll burn the cd but will always still come out showing as blank. I know there is a setting to enhance weak sectors, but that's not available. I tried changing the country setting on the program, it still doesn't become available. So I tried Blindread/Blindwrite. Same problem, can get the image made just fine and boots perfectly. With Blindwrite I CAN actually enhance weak sectors, but this didn't work either. It still shows the cd as blank even though you can see that it's written to.

Can anyone help or should I just give up? Thanks!

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Old 16-08-2002, 14:52
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Get the latest version of CloneCD ( and Amplify Weak Sectors should become available.

Then read it to an image with CloneCD with these settings ON:-

Regenerate Data Sectors
Auto Fast Error Skip
Read Speed For Data, 4x
Read Speed For Audio, 4x
Audio Extraction Quality, Medium

Turn all other settings off.

And when you write the image use these settings:-

Wirte Speed, Max
Amplifly Weak Sectors, ON
Always Close Last Session, ON

And there you have it a perfect backup.

P.s Don't forget to use your burner when you read it to an image.
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