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Old 26-12-2002, 19:43
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Guru Imakuni
Does Dust Really Kill A PS2...Quick?

I was going through the forum today and somewhere I saw a thread about the best no solder modchip. I read through the thread and a guy (Hull_chipper) mentioned his site. I checked out his profile and followed along to his site (http://www.positivevibes.da.ru/). I was just inerested and was reading through his info. At the bottom fo his PS2 section he mentioned the following

"We have found the biggest killer of PS2's to be dust. At the rear of your console is a fan. This draws cooling air through the grill on the front, over the delicate circuits and your laser. Unfortunately, a side effect of this cooling action is that the fan draws in all your household dust including pet hairs!

If your motherboard clogs up with dust it will short out!

If your laser gets clogged up with dust, it will work harder to read your discs and wear out VERY quickly.

You should lightly hoover the front grill on your PS2 daily with whatever attachments you possess. This simple action will substantially increase the life of your machine. It has been known for a PS2 to be ruined within 3 months due to dust!

You should also use a vertical stand for your console. This reduces the amount of dust that can settle on the laser."

So, has anyone else found dust to be a problem? You don't hear much about PS2 case modding, well, actually nothing! I'm wondering if I should stick a computer fan in mine? Maybe some cold cathodes...

Hull_chipper also says to use a vertical stand. Although my PS2 is currently vertical, I would advise from doing so. I've seen a few publications saying to never ever do this. I guess media inside the PS2 can get scratched up! That's exactly why Blockbuster isn't using their theft protection on it anymore. I just rented Mortal Kombat from them and I went to play the Adema music video on it. It started playing and then totally locked up. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the PS2 being vertical, but it was vertical.

Anyway, back to my original question. Will dust kill my PS2? I could treat mine better, but should I put dust covers and other types of protection on it?

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Old 26-12-2002, 23:20
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Dust is bad for all electronics. My internet once died and I couldn't figure out the problem. Took it to a shop and all it needed was to be blown out. It has loaded with dust. You may have read about PS2 laser cleaner discs. These are discs with brushes on them to clean your laser of any dust that may be on it. Many have lost the ability to play games and that problem was fixed by using a laser cleaner. Personally, I have very small vamume atachments that I use on the vents of my PS2 several times each month. When not in use, I cover my PS2 with a pillow case to keep dust off. Several months ago I sold my original PS2 I bought on launch day.(Oct. 26, 2000) I did the mentioned above and it still played like new after 2 years. My methods might be a little extreme, but I love my PS2 so I keep it in tip top shape. To answer your question, yes dust sucks.

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Old 27-12-2002, 08:20
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Guru Imakuni

Well, maybe I'll start something! When I get my PS2 modded and it comes back (I've decided not to do it myself) I'll stick a computer fan blowing out from the PS2 on it. The PS2 has too many air vents, it would be too hard to put filters on all of them. So, I'll stick a fan on it to blow any dust out, aswell as lower the operating temperature. Only problem is the power supply. You might be able to get it from the PS2 supply, but you may get bad effects not much different from putting an Afterburner light in a GameBoy Advance.
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Old 27-12-2002, 13:54
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I too have heard to never mount the PS2 vertical, and to also keep dust out of the PS2, don't sit it on the floor, but on the original box it came in (unless you have it in an entertainment center)
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