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Old 29-12-2002, 14:48
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Mortal Kombat! hacking up from original problem!

i copied the mortal kombat..
with the dashboard and the fxp fto client
maked the iso with
Xiso and when i run the game..

it shows the mortal kombat screen and thats it
goes black screen and locks up..

Is there a patch i need_?
anyone with the same problem backing this game..
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Old 29-12-2002, 15:23
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Try this. Copy and past from another post.
This may or may not work, but you can give it a try.


-= By Xbox-Genius =-
Ok first we start with the simple stuff.

Xbox "retail" DVD's cannot be read in your PC, nor can you copy them on your PC.

You must insert the "retail" DVD into your Xbox with Evolution-X running from the hard drive.

Once you do this, you then run FLASHXP on your PC to connect to your XBOX.

In flash XP open up the D:\ drive on your Xbox and you will see the contents of the retail DVD.

You then SELECT ALL and TRANSFER the files into a folder on your PC.

After it is done, exit FLASHXP.

Put a new DVD blank in your DVD recorder.

Start up RecordNowMax and select "New Job/ Data Disk".

Make RecordNowMax NOT take up the entire screen, so you can see "My Computer".

Open "My Computer" and find the folder you download the files to via FTP.

DOUBLE CLICK on that folder to open it (you are "moving into" it...).

With the folder open hit SELECT ALL. (CTRL-A)

DRAG AND DROP everything into the right hand "spreadsheet" type window in RecordNowMax.

Hit burn, watch some tv.

When it's done, insert into Xbox, reboot and be amazed.
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