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Old 19-04-2003, 09:40
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NWN Private Server Loader trouble

I'm trying to use the old Private Server Loader, the one that works with all versions. It worked beautifully on my P4 2ghz computer both to crack the CD protection AND as a server.

But when I use it on my Athlon 2100 (which used to be an Intel P2 350) it causes the computer to crash. The result? I am unable to crack the CD protection to create a multiplayer account or use it in server mode. I am unable to get the other version specific server patches to work. I also encountered the same problem with the older intel processor in that computer, and also with older versions of the game.

What can I do to get around this lockup problem? I really need to use this private server loader (fdx-nwnl.exe). Other specs:

AMD 2100 processor
256 MB Kingston memory PC133
16 MB Riva TNT Video Card (old, I know, but it means the minimum requirements of NWN)
SoundBlaster 16 (also old)
60 GB Hard Drive
17 inch monitor
13-32x CD ROM
8x/4x/32x CD burner

Please note that the game works fine on this computer in single player mode.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank in advance,
Shadow Viper
(the original)
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