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Old 11-07-2001, 00:58
whatevaz_cleva whatevaz_cleva is offline
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winRAR diagnostic error 1: unexpected archive end?

i downloaded stunt gp recently and the file names were sln.dc.stunt.gp.tisk.ace, sln.dc.stunt.gp.tisk.c00, sln.dc.stunt.gp.tisk.c01, and so on up to c07 or c06, but when i associate the .ace file with winrar it will open up winrar and i get a box that says "winRAR diagnostic error 1: unexpected archive end". yet it will show me 3 files. 1:info.trk 2:inject.exe 3:unpack.exe. so i click extract... then process all volumes from current and again it says "winRAR diagnostic error 1: unexpected archive end, missing a00". the weird thing is there is no a00 file because all the files i downloaded are c00 and c01 and so on. so i changed the file names to a00, a01 and all that and i try to do again. once again it tells me unexpected archive end, but this time it says a00 is a bad archive. weird huh? i thought maybe it had too many extensions like sln.dc.stunt.gp.tisk.ace and maybe all the dots were screwing it up, so i changed all the file names to 1.ace, 1.c00 and no dice(missing 1.a00). then i tried 1.ace, 1.a00 and yet again no unraring(a00 is a bad archive). i changed all the extensions to rar, r00, r01 and STILL nothing. if anyone has encountered anything similar please reply and let me know how you resolved your problem. thanks.
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Old 11-07-2001, 05:09
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First of all, try using WinACE instead of WinRAR. Also, those other file segments should be c00, c01, c02, etc. - not a00... Files like a00, if I remember correctly, were segments from either ARC or ARJ. I've already unACE'd StuntGP on my machine (and burned it) and it was all cXX extentions. Of course I used WinACE because WinRAR didn't like it.

If you still have problems after trying WinACE, you may have a damaged or incomplete file (probably the first file of the series).

BTW, I get the "Unexpected archive end" message on another set of files I downloaded (can't recall what right now - I'm on vacation and not near my desktop computer). The problem with my files is that they're damaged (they were larger than 20,000kb each even though they should've been exactly 20,000kb (19.51mb). I ran WinRAR recover and got them back down to the right size but the first one still gives me the error... Oh well.
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