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Old 23-09-2003, 21:19
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Question Self-booting games on an older Japanese DC?

First up. I apologise in advance if this topic has been covered somewhere else in this forum, i know how annoying it is to get the same questions repeated over and over. But i do promise you i have done quite a few searches and found the same question only once, but it wasn't very well explained and only got one very vague answer.

As the subject states, my problem is with self booting games on my Japanese DC. They just don't work. They show up as audio only cds in my DC. My DC is one of the older models (i got it before the PAL model was released) but it isnt any of the special DC's such as the "hello kitty"(?) version i've read have problems.

The one way i know of getting round this is to make the games non-bootable. Once i've done that they work fine with utopia's v1.1 boot disk. I don't mind the fact i have to use a boot disk, but there are a few draw backs. The tutorial i read for making games non-bootable explains that if a game has more than one audio track then the game won't work. Also when i make MSR non-boot the game starts up, runs the intro movie, then resets back to the the DC menu screen. The game previously worked on a friends PAL machine, so i know the game isn't faulty.

Games that i have tried to play that were self-boot are, MSR, Tony Hawks 2, Daytona USA 2001, and Quake 3. Tony Hawks and Daytona work fine now that they are non-boot, Quake i havent tried as the tutorial mentions it has more than one audio track and the MSR probs are explained above. I'm only mentioning these games incase they have something in common that is a known problem on some DC's.

I guess the help i need is a way of getting self-boot games working, or a way to make games with multiple audio tracks non-bootable. Also, if anyone knows what is going on with MSR (as everything seemed to go fine when converting it) that help would be immensely appreciated.

This has turned out to be pretty long post for my standards. I would normally end saying "Thanks in advance" but i'm pretty sure i'll have to post again as i've probably left out some hugely important detail that i'll have to stick up later.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and (obviously) i hope you can help.
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