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Old 07-02-2013, 13:39
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Anno 2070 ?

Hello everyone i recently purchased a second hand copy of Anno 2070 and when i installed & tried playing it the key would not activate in Uplay due to Ubisoft restrictions of only letting the key to be used once. Not knowing this when i purchased the game (As there is nothing stated on the case) I contacted Ubisoft support & they was not helpful.

Before i throw this game in the trash Is there a patch for not using the UPlay to play the game ? As i only wanted to play the single player game offline.

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alexjorge (24-02-2014)
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i think theres a crack which emulates uplay, you might need uplay installed though...
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Thanks Tippex i have just managed to by pass the Uplay crap like you said so can now finally play the game at last Thanks for your help.
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alexjorge (24-02-2014)
Old 24-02-2014, 12:49
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Lightbulb How to fix Uplay headaches

@ ==> Triffidtraps;413651 sorry my English but I'll try.

By now you may fix your issue for sure, but just for anyone else who is dealing with Uplay-Ubisoft over control and bad service, It's a fix for all this.

1-Uninstall completely you game and clean you Registry and Junk files any other traced useless things on you PC... Reboot after that.

2-Reinstall you game will all the bothering steps demanded by Ubisoft-Uplay... This include unnecessary updates [DON'T PLAY THE GAME]

3-As legitimate player, Open you game and activate it online as is requested [but don't play it] ... Setup the Game with Uplay to be Able to Play OFFLINE (if you don't do this step you and anyone you wish to help are literally finish)

4-NOW CAME THE INTERESTING PART... After you game is activated and you select you character logo and setup the game basics {remember always setup the game for play in offline mode} go back to the main menu and made sure you are able to login and ready to play the Game [But Don't Play]... this is just to make sure that anything is ready for backup... NOW... depending on you Operation System, the game will save YOU ACTIVATED CREDENTIALS in a folder that YOU NEED TO KEEP "COPY" OF THIS for yourself in a safe place... for example: I use Windows 8.1 [x64] so the game save my credentials in [AppData] ==> [Roaming] ==> [Ubisoft] <== That's THE FILE you need to keep a backup for yourself... A very simple trick to locate this file is by typing Ubisoft in any searcher software [I love the one is called EVERYTHING], them... from the list you got with all folders in you system called Ubisoft, simply right click and copy the one that is located in [Roaming] <== Remember that in old versions maybe is saved in [Programs Data] <== which is an invisible file located in C Drive or [Documents] all depends of you Operation System and the Game version you posses.

5-[This step is not necessary but essential to eliminate Uplay headaches] ... Go to the directory of you installed game, tha is most of the cases is located inside [Program Files] ==> [Ubisoft] or if you machine is running 64-bit Operation System is name from [Program File] to [Program File (x86)] ... Now... Depending of you game version you will have several folders inside forlder until you find the game, the last version (I got the COMPLETE one) is in this order [Program Files (x86)] ==> [Ubisoft] ==> [Related Designs] ==> [ANNO 2070] ... [I]and them (if you want to keep using Uplay in the future or if Ubisoft gives you Problems to play online, backup please this two files [Anno5.exe] and [solidcore32.dll] )... The main reason is because this two files are MADE BY UBISOFT in their servers just for each activated software.

6-[this step to eliminate Uplay dependency] ... Easy Peasy ... Download any crack ... [RELOADED] in the only one that is shared all over the net [by the way, I'm thinking in giving my one also]... OK, Download any Crack for the Game and replace in you PC ONLY this two Files ==> [Anno5.exe] and [solidcore32.dll] .. AND YOU ARE DONE! ... No more Uplay to use the game! and you are able to loging and play using you own Account Name and Password
==> IMPORANT ... [you don't click over the file called [install.bat] or copy [the activated Credential Folder in to you computer] ... the reason for this is because YOU ALL READY HAS YOU OWN, and if you click over the file [install.bat], you will not be able to login in to you game using you own Account Name and Password. [even worse you will have to copy the Activated Credential folder "RELOADED" in to you system and use the crack Account Name and Password to be able to play... of course that is in case you don't want to start all over again.

If you copy the Credentials Folder [that you safe after activated and log in to the game] and this two files [from the crack] in to any other computer with the game installed or just AFTER INSTALL A FRESH COPY You don't even need to activate the game online and Uplay is not used any more. ... so you better [uninstall it if you wish using any uninstall software and clean the registry].


Other good news is that I'm designing a Portable Complete Edition that is all ready activated and a DVD for installation READY TO PLAY.
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