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Old 08-10-2001, 23:38
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Conversion tool for DC made after Dec2000??

I read the following in another post. It was an answer to the ever-present question of new dreamcast owners: "How can I get selfbooting images to work with my DC made after Dec2000?"

--------- start -----------
Your machine is a newer build that requires a specific format that many of the games haven't been written with. Most of the games that were released prior to January of this year consisted of a small audio track followed by the data session. The newer model of DC won't read these (it's an anti-piracy feature). The newest version of BIN2BOOT will convert ISO & BIN files (not CDI files) to .CDI files that once burned using Disc Juggler, will work on the newer machines.
My suggestion is to extract the data from the .CDI files (or copy it from the disc if you've already got it burned). Place the files in a unique directory and use MKISOFS to create an .ISO file with those data files. Now use BIN2BOOT (http://dcxeal.virtualave.net/b2b-cdda-b1.zip) to convert it to a .CDI and burn using Disc Juggler.

Date: 29-09-2001 on 04:30
--------- finish --------------

First off, is this info 100% correct and has it been proven?

Second: Is there anyone out there KICK-ASS enough to write a little proggie that can take a known-good CDI image of a game with an audio-track selfboot CDI, and convert it on-da-fly into a data-track selfboot CDI?

In other words, is there someone good enuff to write a sweet program help out all the brand-newbies and make a conversion program capable of answering their prayers without ripping the CDI into a bin, using bin2boot, then re-constructing the CDI?

Oh the joy you'd bring to their ignor'nt little hearts...
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Old 09-10-2001, 02:36
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Old 09-10-2001, 02:45
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Hmmm, am i right that the new DC's are only accepting data (Mode2/XA) tracks as the first session ? If yes, is it enough to make that data track exactly 705600 bytes (equals the AUDIO.RAW file size) long ? I own a old school DC (before Dec2k), so i cannot try. Would be interesting....
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