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Old 01-02-2005, 21:19
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Ok well it looks like Sony/Columbia Pictures will be using this from now on. What Ive noticed is that for the most part Anydvd or DVDDecrypter can rip most of the problems associated with Arccos Protection. But since with each new week of releases a new version of Arccos is set out.

Im gonna post how Ive been able to get by it whenever there is no update of Anydvd or DVDDecrypter avaliable yet.

First I check to see if its gonna work with CloneDVD2 to begin with.

If it doesnt work right off then I know Im gonna have to rip the darn movie to the hdd first. Ill start out with Anydvd because you can rip on the fly. I leave Anydvd on in the background then open up VobBlanker. I direct VobBlanker to the disc in my dvd reader. Next I select where the output will go and then just press "PROCESS". Let it run untill you have all the files (hopefully fixed) on your hdd. Now just open up CloneDVD2 and see if it looks like a normal movie again. If so then rip as normal and burn.

Ok now if VobBlanker doesnt work right off the bat for you with your drive or if it just freezes (this happens to certain people/readers). Then try this:

This will take up twice as much space. But with AnyDVD copy and paste the entire VIDEO_TS folder somewhere on your hdd. You can also use DVDDecrypter to do the same thing (remember to disable AnyDVD when using DVDDecrypter because of conflicts between the 2 programs). If one program doesnt work try the other. Then just direct VobBlanker to your files on the HDD and also select where it will put the processed files when its done. After its all done then you can delete the first set of files thus freeing up quite a bit of space. Now just use your favorite resizing program (CloneDVD2 or DVDShrink, etc).

In summary, for the most part AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter will get rid of about half of the protection while VobBlanker gets rid of the rest. You can try to get VobBlanker to do everything but Im not positive it will.

Good Luck and hopefully this little tutorial doesnt get outdated next week.

[B]V7 Ps2 Messiah 2
V13 PSTwo DMS4 Pro and HD-Connect(Installed myself)[/B]

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