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Old 15-06-2004, 04:16
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Video to the computor

Hi guy's, first this is totaly new to me, i have done dvd's but not this, i have a capture card "this is ok" what i want is a good program to do the actual
copying of the video tape.

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Old 15-06-2004, 08:29
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I think you should get software with your card when you purchase it.

[B]V7 Ps2 Messiah 2
V13 PSTwo DMS4 Pro and HD-Connect(Installed myself)[/B]
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Old 16-06-2004, 20:41
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Good Idea Gone Bad

It's a good idea to turn your VHS library to a compressed digital library but, and I'm tellin you, after u try it once you will never want to do it again.
First of all, your computer has to actully WATCH the movie, and I dont mean at actual speed either. During the Record Phase, your comp is digitizing it(Step 1). Then after your comp has watched it, it has to ENCODE it to DVD/DVIX/SVCD/MPEG formats. Which take as long ( depending on your processer) as it did to record the movie onto your HD to begin with. Then, when your all done with that, You have to burn it....
So all and all, Your lookin at right around 5 hours just for 1 VHS to DVD.....
Worth it??
Might be better to just Jack in ure cable/sat directly to your comp and just Tivo it more or less Or get another comp jsut for the purpose of backin up your VHS collection.
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