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Old 04-02-2001, 09:48
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Toy Story 2 Patch Doesn't Work

I had access to the PAL version of toy story 2 and searched for the PAL patch but only found two US and one ITALIAN patch. I downloaded one of the US patches and read in the text file that came with it that although there isn't really any protection for this game, there is a bug which prevents you from playing the backup. The patch text file stated it would allow PAL users to play the game with the patch (even though intended for US versions)

When i tried to apply the patch the PPF engine reported that the patch couldn't be applied because the file sizes didn't match. Well, i know why...because the patch was intended for the US version....why state in the text file that "So the sensible thing to do here would obviously be to make a PAL-NTSC Selector with the fix included so PAL users can play it"...Unquote....

Why isn't there a bloody PAL version of the patch?
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Old 04-02-2001, 10:09
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Thats because Toy Story 2 does not require a patch as it has no protection.

If you are unsure wether a game needs a patch check this page out


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