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Old 13-12-2000, 23:48
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grandia 2 SAGICE's tutorial

hi i just read sagice's tutorial on how to succesfully burn grandia 2 but he talks about burning the game on 3cds, what i dont understand is when and how would we know to switch in between the 3cds. the following is Sagice's tutorial which i am pasting as refrence.

Use ISOBUSTER and extract all of the files from Echelon's Grandia 2
US to a directory, make sure to extract both discs. Now replace
files CG10.SFD to CG17A.SFD of the "LOGO" directory of disc 1 with
the same files from the "LOGO" directory of disc 2.
Then unrar all of the files from MysticWar's fix to BTL directory of
the Grandia 2 US. Now copy the Grandia 2 directory you made 2 times
so you have 3 directories that are exacly the same. Now rename the
directories to "Disc1" "Disc2" and "Disc3" it has to be 3 discs
because if you try to replace the bad files on disc2 like with disc1
the game will be too big, and this way you don't have to rip out the
inro movie. Next delete all the files except Staff.pvr from the
"LOGO" directory in the "Disc2" and "Disc3" directories. Now goto
the "LOGO" directory in "Disc1" and cute files CG08.SFD to CG12.SFD
and paste them in the "logo" directory of "Disc2". Now goto the
"LOGO" directory in "Disc1" and cute files CG13.SFD to CG17A.SFD
and paste them in the "logo" directory of "Disc3". Now replace all
the missing files in each directory with file CG10.SFD of the
original Echelon release just rename it to the same name as the
missing files. Now burn the CDs using Nero with LEVEL 2, MODE1,
JOLIET settings. If you have any questions you can find me on Efnet
and Undernet in #DCISOS. And please NO REQUEST, I don't rip DC games!
I don't know how, so don't ask. But if you would like to tell me how
I would apreciate it lol.
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Old 15-12-2000, 11:58
The_Wraith The_Wraith is offline
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There is something I didn't understand, why 3 discs ??
I compared all version released, the Echelon 1st version was corupted after 1h30 of playing, so a repack with the good video files was released from MysticWar, I rebuild the CD, it works nice. Then ClAuTo released an Autoboot version (seems using MysticWar same files)
All 2 versions were Intro ripped and replaced by Echelon Logo,
then SAGEICE released a tutorial to build the Grandia II on 3 Discs !!! Why 3 ???
ok, SAGEICE, U didnt rip a thing, but 3 CD !!
I understand that most of video are used in battle for magical effects but the intro doesn"t give essential things to the game !
it can be ripped...
The things I didn't understand, is why more than one CD ? (execpt for having the intro ??)I am playing now for 14 hours, with the release from Clauto and everything is fine !!
I checked the video files in the 1 disk Clauto release & the 2 disc Echelon version there are quit the same, (exepct size, coze echelon reduced sound quality) but same names, sames quantities of files....
Plize tell me why 3 disks ?
indulge me.
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Old 17-12-2000, 17:43
nguyen64 nguyen64 is offline
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It doesn't matter about the 3 dics thing. What really matters is that there is another bug in the Grandia 2 game we are playing. I'm 24 hours into the game and right after the part when Mareg dies on Valmars moon and you return to join up with Roan again. As you leave Cyrum Castle and cross one of the bridges in town, Ryudo's arm starts to ache and purple electricity comes out of it. Then the game just freezes there and I'm suck for what to do. How many CD's to burn isn't important if they worked but if this bug isn't fixed then they'll all be wasted.
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